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9 Really Cool Mattress Size Charts
+ Bed Dimensions Guide (Apr 2024)

Want to know what size mattress will fit you the best?  
We’ve got mattress size charts for standard sizes, RVs, trucks, giant beds and more!

Mattress Size Chart US: Standard Bed Sizes

Table of Contents

Twin 38” X 75” 96.5cm X 190.5cm
Twin XL 38” X 80” 96.5cm X 203.5cm
Full 54” X 75” 134.5cm X 190.5cm
Queen 60” X 80” 152.5cm X 203.5cm
King 76” X 80” 193cm X 203.5cm
Cal King 72” X 84” 183cm X 213.5cm

Animated Mattress Size Comparison Chart:

Twin and Twin XL

Although you can certainly get smaller sizes (and some people will even call smaller sizes a twin), a 38×75 is generally known as a twin. It’s among the smallest sizes of mattress. A twin is usually used for toddlers or children. Because of its small size and minimal space requirements, a lot of homes use twins in smaller rooms. If you are looking for something that is narrow but doesn’t compromise on length, then the Twin XL is a good bet. It matches the king size mattress in length, but has the same width as the twin. This makes the Twin XL a great choice for single people and places like dorms.  You often see this size in summer camp mattresses found in cabins where space is often at a premium.  You can even buy twin XXL mattresses which are perfect for tall people.  These would fall under the category of extra long mattresses. Queen
This is one of the most popular sizes of mattress. Couples often opt for the flexibility of this mattress’s size. It can accommodate 2 adults. One added benefit of choosing a queen size is that because it is popular, sheets and toppers are often much less expensive and easier to find than they are for bigger mattresses. For most couples, this is the ideal size for a mattress. It fits into most bedrooms, and depending on what materials are used when it’s made, it’s generally an easy size for moving around. King and California King
King sized mattresses are relatively recent on the mainstream scene. A lot of people opt to have 2 Twin XLs put together, instead of buying a single king mattress. Kind Mattresses come in a variety of sizes, but the 2 most popular sizes are the standard king and California king. If you are really tall, then the California king size is a good bet at 84 inches Larger sizes (both width and length are available from custom mattress manufacturers. There are several potential negatives to consider with king-sized mattresses. They are difficult to transport and maneuver, whether that be when they are inside the house, or when moving to a new house. Accessories for king-sized beds (sheets, toppers, etc.) can be more challenging to find, as well as expensive. Overall, many people who are used to king-sized mattresses really come to love the space they have, and some doctors even will recommend king-sized beds for the best undisturbed sleep.

Bed Sizes Guide: Choosing The Right Mattress Size

When it comes to selecting the right mattress size, it can be a bit overwhelming. There are a variety of sizes that you may want to look into before deciding what will be the right size for you. Mattress sizes, they range from very small to very large – the smallest mattresses are generally known as “Twin” sizes, while the largest sizes can be called things like California King bed or Alaskan King bed.

When you’re choosing a mattress, you’ll want to consider the size of the person who will be sleeping on the mattress, children, pets, space available in the bedroom, relationship status, and more. On this page, we’ve worked to sum up many of the factors to consider, as well as the vast majority of the sizes available in the USA, so that you’ll know what to look for when purchasing your next mattress. can make any mattress size on this page in addition to any custom mattress size. If you don’t see the size you’re looking for, give us a call at 888-488-1468.

Select a Mattress Size Below

We can help you choose the right mattress and the material that will fit your preferences.
There are several types of mattresses that you can choose from, based on your lifestyle and the setting
where you need the mattress.
We won’t go into all of the different preferences for comfort or support here as that’s covered elsewhere
on MattressInsider.
However, we do hope you learn all about the sizing of mattresses from this page.
One important thing to remember… Anyone can call any size anything they want.
So what follows are the industry standard sizes for mattresses, but you’ll want to measure your space
to be sure you’re ordering the right dimensions. (i.e. don’t just order a “queen” mattress if you think you need
a queen…
make sure you get out a tape measure and know what size you need.)

Twin Mattress

Twin Mattress primarily for Kids

Twin Mattress Description

Twin Mattress

Who it’s for: Children (2-12) are the most likely ones to use a Twin Mattress. However, twins can also be used for guests, if you have a smaller space and want to put a shorter mattress into a space that doesn’t allow for 80″ in length. A twin (rather than a TwinXL, which is still to come) are sometimes used in bunk beds and dorm mattresses.

Dimensions: Generally a “Twin” is 38″ x 75″ (sometimes a 39″x 75″), but a “Twin” mattress can also be a variety of other sizes, so be sure to measure your space.

Details: This is one of the smaller sizes for mattresses. If you are going to use a Twin, the room you put it in should be at least 7 feet by 10 feet to fit this comfortably. Twins often work well in guest rooms, and can be placed side by side to get a wider bed. With it being 75″ in length, a twin is 6′ 3″, so by the time you put a pillow on the bed, this size can be a bit short for someadults.

Check Out Twin Mattresses in the 38″ x 75″ size.

Summary: if you travel frequently, you will notice that the twin mattress size is more common than you first thought. Many budget hotel rooms also have them. Measuring in at 38 inches wide and 75 inches in length, this size is a bit too small for most adults.

For children, twins are really useful. You can use rails along the sides of the bed so they won’t roll off the side. Also, this size of bed can easily fit on a bunk which means you get more floor space. These mattresses are great in a smaller room.

While these are a smaller size, they are useful in many situations. You can put 2 twins side by side to make a bigger bed. To make a combined bed like this more comfortable, you can use separate comforters and/or a king size comforter. You can also use a memory foam topper across both beds to make it feel like big bed. Twins are generally wide enough for adults, but depending on the height of the adult, a twin might not have enough length to be used on a regular basis. A twin can be a great solution for a smaller room, or as a way to have a guest stay long enough to be comfortable, but not so comfortable that they want to stay forever.

Twin XL Mattress

Twin XL Mattress for dorms

Twin XL Mattress Description

Twin XL Mattress

Who it’s for: As with the twin mattress, children are the most likely ones to use a Twin Mattress. Twins are frequently used in guest rooms, when you have a smaller room and need a mattress that’s not as wide, but you do have room for the extra length of the mattres. TwinXL’s are also often used in bunk beds and dorm mattresses.

Dimensions: 38″ x 80″ (sometimes 39″ x 80″)

Details: Slightly longer than the traditional Twin size, this size of a TwinXL needs a minimal floor area of 9 by 9 feet. Remember however that this would make a room of that size feel tight. Ideally, a slightly longer room would accommodate a TwinXL more easily.

Check Out Twin XL (38″ x 80″) Mattresses

Summary: The Twin XL is a great alternative for people who want to save space with their mattress but don’t want to compromise on comfort. The Twin XL is the same length as most standard Queen and King mattresses (80″). Someone who had been used to sleeping on a twin (with 75″ length) may really enjoy the extra 5″ of a TwinXL.

Twin XL sized beds are something that kids can grow into. TwinXL’s are one of the top choices for college dorms because they can accommodate taller people, while still limiting the floor space they take up. Like the twin, twin XLs can be pushed together to make a big king sized bed, while also having the length like a larger bed would.

Full Mattress

Full Size Mattress

Full Size Mattress Description

Full Size Mattress

Who it’s for: Anyone really, but this tends to be a good size for teenagers, potentially a good size for parents who read to children in bed, and tends to work well for single people, and allows for a small pet to sleep in the bed as well

Dimensions: 54″ x 75″

Details: This is quite a bit bigger than the Twin XL size. A Fill size needs a room that is at least 9 by 10 feet, but that would feel pretty cramped. If you get a full, you’d be better off in a room that’s a bit of a larger size… The minimum recommendation we would make would be a room that is 10 by 12 feet.

Check Out (48 x 75) Full Size Mattresses Collections

Summary: The full size mattress is another popular size for people who have a space that is too small for a Queen. A full has a width of 54 inches, and a length of 75 inches. This makes it the same length as a Twin. An important point buyers need to note is that the Full or Double is not twice the width of a Twin, rather it’s just 15” wider.

This is ideally for a single adult or a teen who has company in the form of a pet or a child. It wouldn’t be comfortable for 2 adults to sleep on as there is only 27 inches of space for each person. So if you are looking for a bed for two, you’d be best served going for a Queen sized mattress.

Queen Mattress

A Queen Mattress is the most popular size

Queen Mattress Description

couple sleeping on queen mattress

Who it’s for: Most people. The Queen size is the most common size for people to use in their homes, although as people and homes become larger, this is starting to change. For now though, the queen size reigns supreme.

Dimensions: 60″ x 80″ (although RV’s and sofas can often call different sizes a Queen… so be sure to measure.)

Details: This is the most common mattress size. There are variations on the queen size as well, so make sure to measure your space. If you are getting a queen size, you need to have a room that is a minimum of 10 by 10 feet. The minimum area we recommend would be 10 feet by 14 feet. This would give you some room to move around the bed and place furniture.

Check Out 60 x 80 Queen Mattress

Summary: This is one of the most common mattress sizes for couples. Most homeowners prefer this size because it fits well in rooms that are a variety of sizes, 2 people can sleep on it comfortably, and in most standard bedroom sizes, you have enough room to move around the bed.

It is an additional 21 inches wider than the Twin XL. Make sure that you have enough room in your bedroom to accommodate this. A queen-sized bed is great for a couple who like sleeping a bit close to each other (but still have their own sleeping space). If you’re a super light sleeper, this size can sometimes lead to one person waking the other, but there are ways to eliminate motion transfer, if you pick a quality mattress. A queen size can also be a great choice for a single person who has a child or a pet that sleeps in the bed with them sometimes.

King Mattress

Comfortable couple in a King Sized Bed

King Size Mattress Description

Couple sleeping in King Sized Bed

Who it’s for: Couples who like a bit of space, with children or pet(s) joining them occasionally. Single people who move around in the bed a lot.

Dimensions: 72″ x 80″, and 76″ x 80″ are the most standard King Sizes, (though there are variations on “King” that are often called “King” as well)

Details: This is among the largest of the mattress sizes. You will need a large bedroom to accommodate it. If you choose to get a standard King size (or a California King, or an even larger Alaskan King), you are going to need a minimum of 10 by 12 feet. Even then, with a 10×12 room, you’d feel pretty cramped in the room. The recommended minimum size of a room for a King sized bed (at least as far as we’re concerned) would be 13 by 13 feet. Larger would be better, depending on the amount of furniture and floor space you want to have in the bedroom as well..

Check Out (76 x 80) King Size Mattress Collections

Note: Coming in at a whopping 16 inches wider than the queen-sized mattress (76″ wide), the standard king size is a very large size. It is the same length as the queen mattress (80″ long). A King size is probably the best choice if you are sleeping with a partner and if you have the room to accommodate it.

If you’re sharing the bed, each of you will have 38 inches (assuming you share the space equally). This is basically the same as 2 twins put together, but one solid sleeping surface. When you order big sized mattresses like a king (or even a queen), it’s best to double check your room measurements before you make a purchase. If you move around a lot while you sleep, having a king-sized mattress can help to ensure that you have a restful night. People who become used to the space they have with a king-sized mattress often have a hard time when they have to go back to sleeping with a partner on a bed that is smaller (say when staying in a hotel).

California King Mattress

California King Mattress

California King Size Mattress Description

couple on a California King mattress

Who it’s for: A couple who loves to stretch out (perhaps one or both of them are tall), and maybe have a pet join them. But maybe they want something not quite as wide (sometimes purchased due to a slightly more narrow room).

Dimensions: 72″ x 84″

Details: Just like the king-sized bed, the California king version also needs a room with lots of space. A minimum of 10 feetby 12 feet of space is required, but will be tight on space if you have furniture. The minimum space we recommended for getting a California King is 14 feet by 15 feet, or bigger. This would allow more space for a few items of furniture.

Check Out (72 x 84) California king Mattress Collections

Note: The California king-sized mattress is large and significantly different than the regular king variety. It is 4 inches longer and 4 inches narrower than the king. It was basically created for stars and celebrities who liked a bit more height. There is considerable room for people who are taller here, and this is definitely the longest size of mattress that is not custom made.

Again, you need to pay attention to your bedroom size when you are ordering large mattresses like this one. This size, like the other king size, is really comfortable as well. You will not prefer anything else.

RV trips can be fun and adventure for the whole family. There are specific camper mattress sizes that suit RVs. Many RVs come with a Short Queen Mattress (aka RV Queen), King, and Short King sizes. These are the most popular for RVs, but there are huge variations in sizes within RVs as well.

We have illustrated the comparisons between the aforementioned sizes of RV mattresses below.

rv mattress size
RV Mattress Size Chart
Short Queen60″ x 75″
RV King72″ x 80″
RV Short King72″ x 75″

Truck Mattress Size Chart

If you’re looking for a mattress for your truck, we have them as well.

Take a look to see what the right size of truck mattress might be for you by looking at the illustration below.

truck mattress isze
32″ x 79″
35″ x 79″
36″ x 76″
42″ x 80″

Common RV & Truck Mattress Sizes (by Mattress Length)

If you would like a body height comparison between the different RV mattress sizes (as well as different sizes for over the road truckers), take a look below. The illustration below shows you the different truck sizes in relation to different heights.

Other Mattress Sizes

We also have some lesser known mattress sizes that we manufacture (although we can make any size (and really any shape) of mattress.
The non-standard sizes include three-quarters, Full XL, Olympic Queen Mattress, and the gargantuan Texas King Bed.   There are sizes with odd shapes to like Casita mattress and Airstream mattress replacements.

Three-quarters48″ x 75″
Full XL54″ x 80″
Olympic Queen66″ x 80″
Texas King

80″ x 98″

other mattress size

Waterbed Mattress Size Chart

Waterbeds are something that have lost some popularity, but many people still love them.
We have 2 sizes showing for waterbed mattresses below, you’ll want to measure to be sure to find the right size for your waterbed.

Cal Queen Waterbed 58″ x 82″
Cal King Waterbed 70″ x 82″

Oversized Mattress Chart

There are also lots of situations where people want to get oversized mattresses. While these may seem extremely huge, there are lots of practical purposes for them. We’ve already mentioned the massive Texas King elsewhere on this page. You may wonder why someone would need a mattress this big and oversized. But think of a professional athlete who is 7′ tall, or a family that wants to have a space they can use to all sleep comfortably together, and you’ll start to see some very practical applications for very large mattresses. Mattress Insider makes these oversized beds. In fact, we can make almost any size or shape, and often do make these very large mattresses.

Alaskan King108″ x 108″
Alberta King or Alaskan Queen96″ x 96″
Wyoming King Bed84″ x 84″
Texas King98″ x 84″
Family Bed 120″ x 80″
Family XL King144″ x 84″


As you can see, there is a huge variety when it comes to mattress sizes. By taking the time to read this article, you’re taking a great step to finding a mattress that is right for you. When it comes down to it, there is no ‘best’ size of mattress – people have different needs and requirements. When you are ready to get your mattress, you will have several materials to choose from, and each of them offers unique benefits. All said and done, it is important that you spend time and find the right mattress for your home. We hope to be your company of choice here at Mattress Insider. We work hard to make sure that you’re resting well in the beds we make, from start to finish, right here in the USA. We look forward to helping you arise to a well-rested tomorrow!

Mattress FAQ

We’ve compiled a list of commonly asked questions and answers when it comes to mattresses, but this list is by no means exhaustive. Feel free to scan through the other articles on our site, or give us a call. We’re here to help!

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