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Premium Replacement RV Mattresses

For comfort that travels with you, choose from our RV mattresses available in King, Queen, and Twin XL. Our high-quality replacements are designed to fit your space and support your adventures, wherever they may lead.

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Why Mattress Insider?

From superior materials to exceptional customer service, learn why Mattress Insider is the right choice for you.

Why Our RV Mattresses Stand Out

  • Unmatched Durability: Built from the finest materials, our mattresses endure the demands of travel while preserving comfort and shape.
  • Blissful Sleep: Our mattresses are designed to reduce motion transfer, ensuring that you and your travel companions sleep without disturbances.
  • Customized Comfort: Tailor-made support helps eliminate restless nights, letting you wake up refreshed and free from discomfort. Suitable for both travel trailers and RVs.
  • Precision Fit: Available in a range of sizes, including RV king and queen mattresses, to perfectly match the dimensions of your sleeping area.
  • Custom Shapes and Sizes: We offer custom-sized RV mattresses tailored to the unique space of your RV.

Find Your Perfect RV Mattress Match

  • Cooling Memory Foam: Revel in the cooling sensation of our gel-infused memory foam mattresses that adapt to your body for ultimate comfort.
  • Enhanced Support Coils: Opt for our individually pocketed coil mattresses, ideal for those who need extra support.
  • Versatile Dimensions: We provide a wide array of choices in both height and size, including options for compact spaces like bunk beds.
  • Sustainable Choices: Choose our CertiPur-US certified eco-friendly mattresses, which offer comfort while being mindful of the environment.

Have Questions?

Need assistance? Reach out using the form below and let us help you find the perfect RV mattress.

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What People Are Saying

“Who knew a mattress could make such a difference? I’m not just sleeping, I’m hibernating! 

-Nick G.

“After countless nights of discomfort in our camper, I finally decided to try a mattress from mattress insider. What a difference it has made! It fits our space perfectly and sleeping on it feels like a dream. A big thank you to the team!” 

-Jenny C.

“Great mattress, fast delivery. I’ll definitely be coming back to Mattress Insider for more!”

– Carl B.


Q: Why might you need to replace your RV mattress?

RV mattresses often need to be replaced due to various reasons: Discomfort, wear and tear, allergies, or the desire to upgrade to a higher-quality mattress for better sleep while on the road.

Q: What are some signs you need to replace your RV mattress?

Visible sagging, uneven wear, loss of support, discomfort while sleeping, waking up with aches and pains, or if the mattress is over 10 years old.

Q: What sizes do RV mattresses come in, and how do I choose the right one?

RV mattresses come in various sizes: RV King, RV Queen, RV Twin, RV Full, and many more. To choose the right size, be sure to measure the dimensions of your RV bed platform accurately to ensure a proper fit.

Q: Can I use a regular household mattress in my RV?

Regular household mattresses often aren’t the right size for an RV, due to the unique dimensions of RV bed spaces. Opt for mattresses specifically designed for RVs to ensure a snug fit and optimal comfort.

Q: What types of RV mattresses are available, and which are the comfiest?

RV mattresses are available in all types. The best for comfort will depend on your personal preference, but memory foam and innerspring are often preferred for their excellent pressure-relieving properties and overall comfort.

Q: How do I measure my RV for a replacement mattress?

Measure the length, width, and depth of the bed platform accurately using a tape measure. Ensure to account for any irregularities or rounded corners to get the right measurements.

Q: Do I need to consider the thickness of a replacement RV mattress?

Yes! RVs often have limited vertical space, especially bunks, so it’s essential to ensure that the replacement mattress isn’t too thick.

Q: Can I install my replacement RV mattress by myself?

Absolutely! Replacing an RV mattress is typically a straightforward process, as the new mattress will typically come compressed and rolled. However, if the mattress is large or heavy, you might require some assistance.

Q: Should I consider mattress accessories for my RV mattress?

Investing in accessories — such as mattress protectors, custom fitted sheets, or mattress toppers for added comfort and protection — are always a great option for optimizing comfort and usability.

Q: What should I do with my old RV mattress?

Depending on its condition, recycling, donating, or disposing of the old mattress in accordance with your local regulations are all great options. Some mattress retailers may even offer disposal services when you purchase a new mattress.

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