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When you’re looking for coupons for Mattress Insider, you’ll find codes listed in a variety of places online.

While this isn’t an exhaustive list, here are four places where you might find promotions that can help you save money, by entering a coupon code at checkout on

Existing Customers May Have Links

Mattress Insider also will invite our existing customers to become referral partners. Rather than a specific coupon code, our existing customers will get a link, which has a unique identifier built into it. So if you’ve gotten a link from a friend or acquaintance and they’ve asked you to use their link to buy from, it’s likely that’s a legitimate link.

Mattress Insider In-House Sales/Promotions

Mattress Insider also has sales from time to time. These can be for holidays, sales days like black Friday or Cyber Monday, or for other reasons that we might create our own promotion codes.

Referral Partners With Coupon Codes

We have referral partners who have their own codes. Sometimes they get commissions when customers use their specific coupon on, and sometimes they just want to give their members a coupon to get a discount (think of this like a buyer’s club, where they get a coupon for people in their specific club).

Coupon Sites

There are also numerous coupon sites online. There are legitimate coupon sites. However, very often, and very unfortunately, there are websites in the couponing space whose sole goal is to get you to click on something on their page. Often you’ll see it as an animated graphic encouraging you to “reveal the coupon by clicking here”. When you do that, they sometimes show you a legitimate coupon code, and sometimes not. We have found many couponing sites online who post fake coupons for Mattress Insider, just to get our customers to click. If you visit one of these sites, in the process of you clicking, they can often load up your computer with cookies for other large websites. When you visit those other larger websites (think,,,, etc.), you are giving a commission to the coupon site. So often, they’ve posted a fake coupon code, just to get you to click.

We say all of that to you to say that we’re here to help. Not only do we want to get you a great mattress, but we want to get it to you at the most competitive pricing we can. Don’t believe fake coupon sites who tell you that you can get 50% off on a mattress. (If that was true, we either would be selling at unfair prices to begin with, or wouldn’t be in business for long because we couldn’t afford to do that.)

So, your best bet for finding the best coupon codes for Mattress Insider is either to go through one of our referral partners, or to use one of the coupon codes that we’ve posted on this page.

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