The Ultimate Oversized Bed/Mattress Guide

Crowded Bed

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We ALL know the feeling…

You climb into bed, exhausted from a long day and ready for a good night’s sleep. Before long, your partner is SNORING in your ear, the kids have piled next to you, and a dog (or two) is squeezing you to the edge of your mattress.

Couple sharing a crowded bed

You need more room!! Common mattress sizes are too cramped ...but unfortunately, these sizes are the only ones available at your local mattress store. There is a solution …an oversized bed! Oversized mattresses come in MANY sizes. Most of these sizes are named after states:

  • Alaskan King
  • California King
  • Texas King
  • Wyoming King

...but what are the actual SIZES of these beds? Keep reading to find out (hint: they are BIG)!

This guide will help answer many common questions about oversized beds.

Why Would I Want An Oversized Bed?


Good question. If you’re reading this, perhaps you already know the answer...but maybe you haven’t considered some of the many benefits of owning a larger mattress; so here they are:


Couples Needing More Space

Couple in bed with one snoring

Who DOESN’T enjoy snuggling at bedtime? However, if you’re like me ...when it is time to sleep, I need my space! According to the Better Sleep Council, two people will have MORE ROOM sleeping separately on twin beds vs together on a single queen.

This is a tragedy.

There is hope! An oversized mattress will give you plenty of room to stretch out and get comfortable. Go ahead! Shift positions all you want, with no worries of accidentally clocking your partner (be honest, it has happened to all of us).

Family Co-Sleeping

Family on Bed


This is becoming hugely popular ..but what is it, exactly? Keep reading to find out! Co-sleeping is when babies or young children sleeping in the same bed as the parents (vs in separate rooms). There are several benefits to co-sleeping:

  • It builds helps to build bonds between parents and children
  • It allows new moms to nurse more conveniently
  • It makes it easier for parents to soothe and attend to children during the night

An oversized mattress is perfect for co-sleeping - it provides everyone the room they need for great sleep.
There are still many misconceptions about co-sleeping and family beds. Jump over to this blog post to learn more.

Sleeping With Pets



Attention people with pets - there are actual BENEFITS to having your dog sleep in the same bed as you! You read that correctly! According to a recent study by researchers at Canisius College, people actually get a better night’s rest when they let their dogs sleep with them. (I’m sure your pets will be happy to know this) However, experts warn that the nighttime movements of dogs and cats can disturb your precious sleep. So how do you effectively pack all of your furry friends into the same bed and still get great sleep? Get a huge bed!! Why? If you decide to share your bed with a dog or cat (or several dogs and cats) ...having enough space is crucial. A huge bed will give you (and all of the additions) plenty of room.


Athletes and Other Tall People

Some athletes are tall. REALLY tall. The average height of a basketball player in the NBA is 6’ 7” (79 inches!!).

Short and Tall

What is a solution for someone this tall do when it comes to mattresses? After all, a king-size mattress length is only 80”... You guessed it: an oversized bed! Athletes are not the only ones who can benefit from a longer mattress. ANYONE who is taller than average will appreciate the extra leg room of an oversized bed. ...what about the California King size? Isn’t it longer than a standard King? When comparing King vs California King beds, you have to keep in mind that... California King mattresses are also several inches NARROWER than a standard King (72” vs 76”) there is an unfortunate trade-off. At the end of the day, if you are a person with a bigger build (or are just looking for more space), an Alaskan King bed, Wyoming King bed, or Texas King bed will likely be the best fit.


Anyone Who Wants More Sleeping Space


Really... who DOESN’T want more sleeping space?
An oversized mattress gives you plenty of room to work, play, and of course -- sleep. Whether you’re sharing your bed with a partner, kids, pets, or even if you sleep along - a bigger bed can be a GREAT investment for anyone who wants more space.


Woman stretching in bed


Gigantic Mattress Sizes - What Are Your Options?


This is important: There is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to mattresses. You have many options to consider, including custom shapes and sizes. This means that you can find the perfect bed to suit your sleep needs, meet your physical requirements, AND fit your bedroom! The experts at Mattress Insider can help! ...but what oversized bed sizes are available? Read on to find out!


Common Oversized Bed Models


Everyone is familiar with traditional mattress sizes (twin, full, queen and king). Did you know? Oversized mattresses come in standard sizes as well! Here they are:

  • Alaskan King bed size 108" L x 108" W (The Alaskan King, measuring 9 x 9 in feet, is also known as a 9 x 9 mattress or a 9 x 9 bed)
  • Alberta King 96" L x 96" W
  • California King 84" L x 72" W
  • Wyoming King 84" L x 84" W
  • Texas King 80" L x 98" W
  • Family King 80" L x 120" W
  • Family XL King 84" L x 144" W

Keep in mind - these are standard oversized mattress sizes. We haven’t listed them all (such as the Ace), but these are the most common sizes available. Looking for something unique…?


Texas Shaped Mattress

Custom Sizes Available, Too!

Most of us don’t think about getting a custom size mattress. ...but what happens when the standard sizes do not meet your needs or space requirements? No worries! Companies like MattressInsider can custom make mattresses in just about any size or shape! That’s not all… They can also make beds using a variety of components, including memory foam, latex, and innerspring.


Measure Your Space

As you consider a new, large bed, you will want to make sure an oversized mattress will fit in your bedroom! You will also need to decide what, if any, foundation you’ll need.

Measuring Tape

Oversized beds need a LOT of room.
A typical Family XL King is 12 feet wide (you read that right - 12 FEET!)
When measuring your room, be sure to calculate the space required for the bed itself. Leave a bit of room on the sides so you can get out!

What Type of Mattress is Best?

Decisions, decisions…

My definition of ‘firm’ or ‘soft’ will probably be very different from yours. With that said, what matters most is how the bed feels to YOU.

Too firm Too Soft


While I’m biased - because I know the MattressInsider experts can guide you to the right choice in terms of mattress feel - you’ll want to be sure that whoever you buy your mattress from know how to ask the right questions and get the perfect mattress for you.

Common Mattress Types

Mattresses can be CONFUSING. There are so many different types of layers, how does one keep it all straight?

Mattress salesperson with customer

This should help simplify things: Here is a list of the most common mattresses on the market (regardless of the name or layers used):

  • Memory foam mattresses: Contour to your body and relieve pressure points as you sleep
  • Gel foam mattresses: Contour to your body and relieve pressure points like memory foam, and also are designed to have a slightly cooler sleeping surface
  • Latex foam mattresses: These durable, eco-friendly mattresses aren’t temperature-sensitive. Latex, when properly made, has a uniquely supportive, buoyant feel
  • Innerspring mattresses: These traditional mattresses support heavier weights per square inch and can also help to reduce motion transfer between partners


Benefits of a Hybrid Mattress

First, let’s answer the obvious question: ...what is a ‘hybrid mattress?’ Hybrid mattresses are a combination of different mattress types, giving you the unique benefits of each in one bed. Hybrid mattresses come in many configurations; companies can combine memory foam with latex, or gel foam layers with innerspring.


Mattress materials

Neat, right? MattressInsider’s oversized mattress takes advantage of this design, combining two of the most popular sleep surfaces - memory foam and latex - in the build. The memory foam helps your body stay properly aligned and relieves pressure points - no more aching shoulders or hips! Meanwhile, latex gives you durable, buoyant support. But here is the best part: Mattress Insider pairs its memory foam/latex comfort top with a flippable base that allows you to change the firmness of the mattress. This means you can customize the support and comfort of your mattress just the way you like! It’s like having two mattresses in one! Here is how it breaks down: The comfort top section includes:

  • 1" organic cotton quilt
  • 2" 3 lb open-cell memory foam layer
  • 2" blended latex layer
  • Non-skid bottom fabric

The flippable base includes:

  • 2" Avena foam layer (feels like latex)
  • 5.5" 1.8 lb foam core (31 IFD)
  • 1" 1.8 lb high-density foam layer (50 IFD)


How do I get an oversized mattress in my home...?

Mattress Insider’s two-part hybrid mattress design makes delivery and in-home setup of your oversized mattresses MUCH easier than you would think.

They compress and roll the two sections and ship them in separate boxes so you can easily assemble the mattress in your home.

Couple setting up bed

You can even start sleeping on the mattress the night it arrives!

Picking a Foundation


You have more foundation options than you think for your oversized mattress!

Depending on size, some oversized mattresses can fit securely on two smaller-sized foundations put together. For example - a Family King mattress can be used on two Queen-sized foundations, or a Family LX King mattress can be used with two foundations sized for a California King.

Other sizes, such as an Alaskan King, will require a custom foundation. In this case, finding a local craftsperson to make a basic platform foundation may be your best option.

NOTE - you can also choose to use your oversized mattress without a foundation! Mattresses can be placed directly on the floor and will provide the same level of support and function as one placed on a foundation!