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Casita Mattress

Let’s face it — the cushions in Casita trailers are hard and very uncomfortable.  

If you’re looking to replace those cushions with a comfortable Casita mattress, you’ve come to the right place! 

Mattress Insider has been making custom mattresses for Casita’s and many other unique RVs for over 12 years. Including those with rounded or angled corner mattresses, or other unique shapes made to fit your trailer! 

We can make a mattress for all popular Casita models, including the Full sized 17 footers — the Freedom, Heritage, Independence, Liberty, and Spirit.

Casita Mattress

Picture Credit: Casita Travel Trailers

Your Own Perfect Casita Mattress

Know what you need? Here’s how to order:

  1. First, pick out a model below (click the “learn more” links)
  2. Next, measure your original mattress using the following steps:

Step 1: The first and most important measurements you’ll need are the width and length. We recommend measuring the platform space that the mattress will occupy (usually a wood base) rather than the mattress itself. Then, leave an inch or two along the sides of the mattress to accommodate for bedding. 

Step 2: If the mattress is in an area with low ceilings — such as a bunk space — measure the distance from the platform to the ceiling as well. This will help determine the best height for your new mattress.

Step 3: Account for any cut-outs or size changes along the mattress, such as rounded or angled corners. MattressInsider can create notches, as well as cut in corners or curves, to account for these!

Step 4: Create a rough sketch of your mattress design, and add as much information as you think will be helpful. This includes the overall width, length, and height, and the location of any cut-outs, folds (hinges), or curves.

There are various sizes and styles of mattresses that we can design specifically for your Casita trailer, allowing you to find one that best suits your needs.

Production time is typically 1–2 weeks, and transit time is typically 2–3 business days on the East Coast and 4–5 business days on the West Coast.  

You can look forward to the mattresses being shipped, compressed and rolled, via FedEX Ground. 

Note — We can make the following configurations: Full, Queen, Twins Indy, Twins Liberty, Back, Side, Side & Back, Side & Full. The most common mattresses tend to be approximately 45” x 76” and 54” x 76”.

Casita Mattress Options

Our Most Popular Casita Mattress!

Which Mattress Model Should You Buy?

Our most popular mattress is our 8″ Luxury memory foam RV mattress, but we do get orders for the other models as well.

Note: Generally, we recommend not going higher than 8″ as it might cause issues with table heights or vents in your unit. 

Casita Mattress

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