Aire-Flow Hypervent™ Moisture Barrier

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Aire-flow™ is designed to prevent moisture build-up underneath mattresses, bunk pads, and cushions. Note: Sold by the Linear Foot Learn more

Prevent Moisture Under Mattress
Prevent Condensation Under Mattress
Rolled Up Moisture Barrier
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Aire-flow Hypervent™

Mattress Underlay

for Mattresses & Cushions


121 Day Trial Period & Free FedEX Shipping

Size/Shape Can Be Customized Upon Request


Are you looking for a solution to mold, mildew, dampness, or moisture build up under your mattress, bunk pads, or cushions?  


The most practical and affordable solution is the Aire-Flow™ Mattress Underlay.  Simply place the hypervent material underneath your mattress or cushions to minimize moisture buildup.


What's causing this problem in the first place?


Mattresses in Boats, RVs, Trucks, and Aircraft usually rest on plywood or other types of flat hard surfaces.  Most of those surfaces provide minimal air circulation underneath your bed. 


When you're sleeping, your body heat increases the temperature of the mattress.  Some of that heat radiates out of the top and sides of the mattress, but a lot of it radiates out of the bottom.  


If the surface the mattress is lying on is colder than the mattress itself (it usually is), that temperature difference can cause condensation to form.  And if the condensation can't evaporate, it can lead to mold or mildew buildup.  


How does Aire-Flowresolve my issue?


Aire-Flow™ provides unobstructed airflow by elevating the mattress off the sleeping surface...kind of a like a magician's assistant in a Vegas magic show. :-)  


When the mattress is elevated, warm air is able to circulate under the mattress which minimizes conditions necessary for condensation.


If condensation does occur, the hypervent material allows that moisture to evaporate.


What is Aire-Flow?

It's a 3/4" industrial-grade woven polymer material bonded to a breathable fabric.  The material was originally designed for water drainage in parking structures and soccer fields.  



  • Allows for unobstructed airflow under your mattress
  • Light weight material weighing only 4.3 oz per sq yard
  • Easily bends around door ways and tight spaces
  • Maintenance free
  • Unaffected by cold temperatures
  • Very strong but flexible (can support very heavy people)
  • Holds it's shape indefinitely and outlasts your mattress
  • Can't be felt underneath your mattress
  • Easy to clean and dry (soaps, hot water, or steam cleaning is ok)
  • Easy to join multiple pieces together.  Simply apply adhesive or tape to a 3" overhanging flap.
  • Easy to cut with a pair of scissors


Aire-Flow™ is available in widths of 40" and lengths of up to 50 feet.


How do I order?

Choose the number of linear feet you'd like from the drop down menu and click "add to cart".  If you're not sure how much you need, give us a call and we can help!


Custom Sizes & Shapes

Need us to cut it to fit your mattress for you or are you unsure of how much length you need?  Give us a call 888-488-1468


Shipping and handling time

This will ship from our plant in SC.  Allow 2-3 business days before shipping.  In a hurry?  Give a call and we can usually get your order out within 24 hours.


The hypervent material will be cut to your desired length, and we'll roll it up and put it in a shipping box.  When it arrives, it looks like rolled up carpet.  


Non-Contiguous States & Canada Shipping: If shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, US Territories, or Canada, please call for shipping costs. Remote areas may be assessed higher shipping fees. The customer is responsible for all customs fees when shipping to Canada.


Other applications besides boats and RVs:

  • Aircraft
  • Truck campers
  • Semi trucks
  • motorhomes
  • Travel Trailers or Fifth Wheels
  • Pop-up Campers
  • Sleeper Sofas (can't be folded into couch)
  • Homes or mobile homes
  • Apartments
  • Pet beds
  • Dock lockers, boxes, sail and rope lockers, drawers, ice boxes, refrigerators
  • Cans or metal containers to prevent rust
  • Near bilge pump intakes in order to reduce the possibility of clogging.
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Why did you choose this?
Mattress Insider Store
Reviews were all great for effectiveness and price. I did alot of research brefore choosing this product. I"m still not convinced such a thin material that squishes could possibly help airflow, but we'll see how it goes!
Jessica A on Jan 20, 2019
Based order on online recommendations and a chat online with Rebecca.
Ellen O on Jan 16, 2019
Reviews were all great for effectiveness and price. I did alot of research brefore choosing this product. I"m still not convinced such a thin material that squishes could possibly help airflow, but we'll see how it goes!
Jessica A on Jan 20, 2019
Prevent condensation under mattress
Gerald F on Jan 17, 2019
Based order on online recommendations and a chat online with Rebecca.
Ellen O on Jan 16, 2019
Moisture under my dinette cushions.
Karen H on Jan 16, 2019
RV mattress moisture control
Paul V on Jan 15, 2019
I found moisture under my rv mattress and this product is recommended by other rv owners with the similar problem.
Sharon W on Jan 8, 2019
I used this product before in a Roof Top Tent for 3 months traveling from Michigan, to Alaska, New Mexico, and back. The pad preformed very well and, we never experienced any lasting condensation under the 3 inch mattress throughout our journey. Now ordering the same for our teardrop trailer. Very satisfied.
G S on Jan 3, 2019
To put under RV mattress
Leslie R on Jan 1, 2019
We used this product on our boat. This year we bought an RV and found that moisture exists even off the water.
Peggy A on Dec 25, 2018
under mattress moisture issues.
daniel l on Dec 24, 2018
To protect my bed in my camper van.
Vicki J on Dec 22, 2018
to prevent mildew under an expensive RV mattress
Hugh B on Dec 22, 2018
Prevent moisture condensation under mattress in RV
Corinne S on Dec 19, 2018
Just got a teardrop trailer and want to make sure the mattress doesn't get ruined!
JeanMarie S on Dec 18, 2018
Reviews, ease of ordering and free shipping.
Joyce C on Dec 18, 2018
Preform the same function the much mor expensive hypervent. Great reviws too.
ROBERT N on Dec 11, 2018
Resolve the moisture issues under my mattress.
Greg S on Dec 8, 2018
Price and quality
Bryan C on Dec 6, 2018
Friends says it works and boaters from our AGLCA group recommended
Russell W on Dec 5, 2018
I decided to purchase the Aire-Flow moisture barrier after reading recommendations on a RV Tip FB group page. I have high hopes this product will be most beneficial!
Cheryl C on Dec 3, 2018
Recommended on many Facebook RV groups
kathy g on Nov 29, 2018
to prevent dampness from condensation under my camper mattress
David S on Nov 28, 2018
Recommended by other rv owners to control moisture.
Elizabeth O on Nov 24, 2018
I have condensation build up around the mattresses along the exterior walls of my 5th wheel camper.
joseph d on Nov 18, 2018
I picked this item to prevent moisture build-up under my mattress in my RV.
Linda G on Nov 13, 2018
recommended by a friend
John W on Nov 10, 2018
I need this for an RV bunk. After I cut it to fit, I will use an extra 2x2' piece to stand on in an outdoor shower.
David S on Nov 10, 2018
ordered based on reviews. Will add one after receiving and using.
Lawrence E on Nov 4, 2018
I own a Roadtrek and there is moisture under my mattress. I plan to put this on top of the wood frame.
D R on Nov 2, 2018
recommended by another camper for use in dinette conversion bed setup (SCAMP fiberglass camper)
Michelle L on Nov 2, 2018
Price comparison for quality.
marcia h on Nov 1, 2018
RV under mattress moisture protection
Julie J on Oct 28, 2018
To solve moisture under mattress
Ralph L on Oct 27, 2018
To prevent moisture buildup in our camper bunk beds
Gerianne I on Oct 20, 2018
Online reviews
Mike S on Oct 18, 2018
to place under mattresses in an older airstream trailer.
Helena A on Oct 16, 2018
Heavy condensation in my pop-up camper due to very wet and cold weather while recently traveling.
JR on Oct 14, 2018
Mary T on Oct 11, 2018
Highly recommended on my RV site.
David P on Oct 9, 2018
Recommended on an rv website for moisture control under matress
Warren M on Oct 5, 2018
Most recommended.
Russell S on Sep 30, 2018
Looks to be the under mattress moisture solution we need for our Four Wheel camper.
We do a lot of coastal and cool weather camping and condensation can be an issue on longer surfing trips.
Retiring and plan to spend many months on the road camping, surfing and diving.
Looks like a great product.
Roger S on Sep 29, 2018
Need to keep RV mattress from mildewing.
Karl M on Sep 25, 2018
Heard from another buyer that it might prevent moisture problems in our travel trailer.
Teri B on Sep 24, 2018
Well recommended by other RVers, There are other reasonably priced options but they are much heavier.
Mark B on Sep 24, 2018
For use in our camper!
John M on Sep 24, 2018
Internet videos
Mark C on Sep 20, 2018
I chose this because the mattress is going into an RV on a plywood base. This layer goes between the mattress and the plywood to allow the mattress to breathe.
Janice G on Sep 15, 2018
researched it online
Mark O on Sep 14, 2018
Recommended by my bed frame maker, Copeland Furniture
Blaine H on Sep 10, 2018
Prevent condensation under mattress
Gerald F on Jan 17, 2019
Moisture under my dinette cushions.
Karen H on Jan 16, 2019
Can I trim it to fit?
A shopper on Mar 14, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Hello! I do not see a problem if you were to trim it yourself but why not let us do the work? Simply give us a call with you dimensions and we can process your order with the correct dimensions!
I need 2 beds cut. One is 54x80 and second is 28x75. What would my total cost be ?
Michael on Dec 6, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Hello Michael,
Please give us a call at your convenience (888-488-1468) to discuss your pricing and availability.
Kind Regards!
How many rolls would I need for a queen rv mattress?
Sheila C on Dec 6, 2017
BEST ANSWER: I ordered a single roll 10 feet long by 39 inches wide. I then cut the roll in half to form 2 sections each measuring 60 inches (5 feet) by 39 inches. I joined them to form a pad 78 inches by 60 inches to fit under my 80 inches by 60 inches RV mattress.
Which way is "UP"?
Richle Rich on Jan 6, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Hello! We recommend the fabric side go up against the mattress. Please give us a call if you have any other questions or concerns!
How do I place the order?
A shopper on Jul 28, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Hello! Simply give us a call to place a order!
Does it make a crunching sound when you lay on it?
A shopper on Oct 6, 2018
BEST ANSWER: No. I have a very good (thick) memory foam mattress on top of it and the only time I even notice it is when I change the sheets. And even though we've had a very moist summer, there is no sign of mold or mildew!
How do I cut material?
A shopper on Apr 13, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Hello! We recommend using a utility knife or commercial shears! Please let us know if you need further assistance!
How long does it take to get it?
Janenne P on Oct 13, 2017
BEST ANSWER: I don't recall exactly how long it took for it to arrive since I purchased it a while ago
but it wasn't too long--less than 2 weeks for sure.
Aire-flow moisture barrier........what side goes towards mattress?
Elizabeth B on Dec 21, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Hello Elizabeth,
The "smooth" side of the moisture barrier should be up towards the mattress, while the rough "indoor turf looking" side will be against your base.
Kind Regards!
how thick is Aire- flow?
e b on Nov 21, 2018
BEST ANSWER: I think it's about a half inch, although I haven't measured it.
How do you put it under a mattress that is already there?
Shirley R on Oct 14, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Aire-flow is a layer about 1 inch thick that goes between the bed frame and the mattress. If you cannot separate the mattress from the frame I do not think this will work for you.
We are having a problem with tape (duct, vent, etc) not sticking to the fabric of our Aire-Flow sections. What adhesive is advisable?
A shopper on Oct 19, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Hello! If you are unable to find a strong enough industrial tape I would recommend an adhesive putty that some other users have had success with. Here is a link to it:
Can i use as tub mat?
A shopper on Aug 23, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Personally I would not recommend this as a tub mat. It does not seem best suited for direct point pressure, such as for feet. It is also backed by a "fabric-type backing that would likely break down with copious amounts of water.
Would this work to put between a ‘plastic’ dorm mattress and a memory foam mattress topper? If so, would it still work if I put a sheet and mattress pad covering all of the layers together (dorm bed, aire-flow, memory foam)?
Kirsten F on Jun 27, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Hi Kirsten! Moisture tends to build up underneath a foam mattress that is sitting on a platform. It is not recommended to place the Aire-Flow between two mattresses. Please give us a call to discuss further!
I have 3 bunk mattresses size 76X30 ! How much will I need to purchase ? Also what other materials will I need to install it ?
A shopper on Dec 12, 2018
BEST ANSWER: You would need 19' Feet total. When delivered, you will cut it in correct sizes and place, smooth side towards your mattress, in the space. No other materials are required. Kind Regards!
Do you have measurements to custom cut for 2 twin beds on the Oliver Elite II? What is the total cost including shipping?
A shopper on Dec 7, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Hello, We don't keep measurements for RV's as there are numerous makes, models and years. Please measure your space and contact us directly at 888-488-1468. Thank You!
Mattress measures 6ft l x 5ft w how many would o need?
Laura E on Nov 27, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Hello Laura,
You would need a total of 10 ft. You would cut it in 2 - 5 ft pieces and place them side to side across the width of the mattress. This would leave an extra amount of 6 inches to trim at the foot.
Kind Regards!
is this product available in south africa ?
Aebi E on Nov 14, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Hello Aebi,
We do ship out of country. There is an additional shipping fee and you will also be responsible for any additional taxes or fees due upon delivery. You may contact us directly at with the quantity you will need and your shipping address to receive a quote.
Kind Regards,
I just ordered 8 feet (8' x 39") for my RV. The length beyond 80" will be for the head of my queen mattress that rests against an outer wall to prevent frost. It is not the full width of my queen mattress. Has anyone else done it this way? I've read it isn't necessary to cover the full width. It is just me and my Weimaraner in bed at night.
A shopper on Nov 9, 2018
We do suggest covering the full space under your mattress because anywhere that the mattress touches the platform, when not allowed for airflow, can develop condensation and possibly mold / mildew. To cover the whole surface of a 60 x 80" space, you would need 10' total (2 - 5' pieces placed across the width of the platform and taped together in the middle).
Kind Regards!
Hi. I have a basic twin sleeper chair which has a foam mattress resting on a solid fabric type structure. We noticed in one of the two beds that we have what could be a mold/mildew situation starting. We have cleaned it and the chair/bed is now actually been moved to another residence (daughters apartment). See it happening again. It is used for occasional overnight purposes. Would this product be helpful in this situation? And can it be malleable to fold up when the mattress pull out is converted back to seating?
Debbie B on Nov 4, 2018
Yes, the Aire-Flow Moisture Barrier will help avoid any further condensation, therefor avoiding mold & mildew build-up. You may need to cut the mat in to 3 separate pieces to fit your frame so it will fold correctly in to the sleeper chair.
Kind Regards!
Can you buy this in Canada anywhere? Need for the winter in my RV
A shopper on Oct 4, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Hello! We can certainly ship to Canada! Please give us a call to discuss!
Can this be shipped to Christchurch, New Zealand ?
Melanie K on Sep 22, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Hello! We do ship internationally! Please give us a call for your shipping quote!
How abrasive is the plastic side? We need a moisture fix for our hybrid trailer but worried the plastic side will scratch since our mattress are pulled out to pack up our trailer
Derek on Aug 26, 2018
The rough side of the Moisture Barrier is meant to face down, away from the mattress, while the smooth side is meant to face the mattress. The smooth side of the Aire-Flow should not damage your mattress.
Kind Regards!
We have a travel trailer with fold out beds. Since the mattress must be folded for transport, will this product work?
Mary Beth B on Jun 29, 2018
BEST ANSWER: The material can be cut into two pieces making it easier to store. Please give us a call to discuss!
Can this be used on adjustable beds?
A shopper on May 7, 2018
BEST ANSWER: It is flexible, so it would bend with any adjustments. One issue that may arise is that it would allow the mattress to slip and slide from its platform.
my mattress is wider than 39 inches. 7 foot long do I need full width?
A shopper on Apr 29, 2018
BEST ANSWER: You would need to place two strips of moisture barrier to cover the full width and length of your mattress. Please feel free to contact us at 888-488-1468 for help with figuring how much you will need for your space.
Can I wrap the liner around the edges of the polymer to cover up the rough edges?
A shopper on Apr 22, 2018
Yes, you can use the MB around the edges, between the mattress and the wall to help avoid condensation there. But I'm not quite sure what you mean by the rough edges? THere is no need to adhere the Moistre Barrier to the bottom of the mattress as there shouldn't be any issues with the mattress sliding on it.
Kind Regards!
I have a full size mattress 54x76 how many sf do i need to order online?
Jj M on Apr 5, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Hi JJ! For that size a minimum of 10 linear feet is recommended! Please give us a call if you need further assistance!
Hi. I live in British Columbia, Canada. How much does your product cost please?
Laloo on Jan 21, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Hello Laura,
The cost of the product remains the same, although there is an additional cost for shipping in to Canada. That cost will depend on how much Aire-Flow Moisture Barrier you require. Please contact us directly at 888-488-1468 to discuss your pricing and options.
Kind Regards,
How much would you need for a king size bed in 5th wheel?
A shopper on Jan 5, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Hello! At least 12.50 Linear Feet. Please give us a call with any other questions you may have!
4.8 / 5.0
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Moisture barrier works
This product is amazing!!! We had used it before on our trawler under the mattresses, sofas, it works to keep everything dry and mold free. We now have put it in our RV under the beds and sofas....... we live in FL and lots of humidity...... we NEED this product!!! You wont be disappointed !!!
May 22, 2017
1 year ago
Wonderful product
I use this under my dog's mattress in his kennel, as well as beneath one of my memory foam mattresses that is supported by a sheet of plywood instead of the typical slats that support a mattress. The ability for air to flow beneath memory foam is important, particularly the dog bed. The aire-flow moisture barrier hasn't just prevented moisture from forming beneath the mattress, but has prevented unpleasant aromas from forming in the kennel as well.
May 22, 2017
1 year ago
We have had moisture issues with our mattresses in our Airstream and even mold even while the coach was heated. Aire-flow has completely eliminated this problem and I ordered another piece to insert behind our couch which touches the outside wall and creates moisture. I’m confident I won’t have that problem any longer there either. Excellent product.
December 4, 2017
1 year ago
Solved a thorny problem
We had some moisture and minor mold problems with the previous foam mattress in our RV. We found the replacement mattress we wanted but wanted to make sure we didn't have the same problems again. Aire-Flow saved me from having to do extensive modifications to our bed platform and/or design and build a slat system. The only reason I didn't give the product a fifth star is the price... a bit costly in my opinion.
November 8, 2017
1 year ago
Love the product, helped a lot with the moisture. Also added a little bit of cushion. Fast Shipping!!!!
October 16, 2017
1 year ago
Excellent service!
Really impressed with the customer service so far with Mattress Insider. They were able to cut the material to the exact shape of the sleeping area in my boat. Can't wait to receive it!
February 1, 2017
used in RV
I purchased this to use in our airstream between the mattress and the wood platform it lays on to reduce moisture. The material is of good quality for this purpose and it seem like it will do a good job. So far it is working fine but havent had it installed long enough to really tell. It was received quick and packaged nicely.
May 3, 2017
1 year ago
A worthwhile investment to prevent a costly problem
The Aire-Fliw moisture barrier arrived on time as promised and the size was as ordered. Installation was easy. There is absolutely no difference in the comfort of our travel trailer bed. It will provide air flow as intended.
May 22, 2017
1 year ago
Excellent for tent railer
Our new pop up tent trailer developed moisture on the the front bunk, which has a reflective insulated bottom. The Aire-Flow moisture Barriers add a perfect layer of ventilation to prevent the moisture from collecting under the mattress. Easy to cut. Easy to place. Still closes up secure in the down position.
October 13, 2017
1 year ago
No moisture problems on our boat mattresses, except on the sides where we didn't install barrier.
December 19, 2017
1 year ago
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