A New Boat Mattress? Order Custom Yacht, Sailboat, & V-berth Boat Bed Replacements

Sailboat sailing in the morning

Boat mattresses suffer from issues ranging from simply uncomfortable to old and moldy.

And whether you’re a Captain, a Sea Dog, or a Yachtsman, there’s no doubt you’re a boat-owner and enthusiast in need of good sleep. Like all seafaring explorers, you want your adventures to come complete with restful slumber. At Mattress Insider, we equip your vessel for a good night’s sleep with a mattress that is comfortable, durable, and made by a company you can trust for years to come.

So what makes a premium mattress for your ship, sailboat, or yacht?

We’re so glad you asked. Boat mattresses from MattressInsider.com are not only exceptionally high quality – they are also an investment guaranteed to last.

Here’s how:

  • Our Orthopedic factory-made boat mattresses are designed to help ease tension and built to support your body in its most natural positions while you sleep.
  • Waterproof layers do more than damage prevention. The specialty foams and coils used in your new bed from Mattress Insider are 100% marinized (designed to be specifically damp-resistant for use in a marine environment) to minimize the risk of mold, mildew, and other moisture/condensation problems.
  • We manufacture all boat beds based on your custom requirements. Whether you own a basic boat that goes on the lake a couple of times a summer, or something more full-time, or even a luxury vessel, we manufacture all boat and yacht mattresses to the highest quality standard, while offering you the best at a factory-direct price.
  • We can manufacture any size or shape. This includes cut, notched, radius corners, folding mattresses, and all the odd cushion pieces that are often necessary for V-berth mattresses. We can use firm foam for the cushions (like we would use in a base layer of a mattress) or we can customize the feel so that it’s designed around your sleeping preferences.
  • The hinge-fold, if applicable to your boat (may boats may not need a hinged mattress), provides hassle-free installation and usage of the storage compartments and space(s) beneath your bed. In addition, we ship our mattresses compressed and rolled. This allows you to carry the mattress into the cabin in an easy way, before taking the mattress out of the box and letting it expand.
  • Durability. Many OEM mattresses are made from cheap foam often containing toxic chemicals. Some will also use off-cuts, carpet padding, cardboard (yes, cardboard), and other ticking material that will break down quickly. Some mattresses will also use the cheapest innerspring coils they can. These can wreck your hips, shoulders, and over time your body (which can affect your posture). These cheap materials also suffer from durability issues. The mattress may feel great the day you buy the boat, but will often break down over just a short period of just 3-6 months.
  • Certi-pur.us certification: All foam mattresses will contain some levels of polyurethane foam, so it’s important to understand the differences in construction to understand if your mattress contains levels that are unhealthy for you. With Mattress Insider, we use certi-pur certified foams and the highest quality pocketed coils, to be sure your mattress will retain its original feel over a long period of time.

Mattress Insider is a company that is proud to handcraft the best of the best in marine mattresses.

You get the custom size and shape you need in a bed made to your specifications, from the finest marine-friendly materials.

Image of mattress materials

This is just part of what allows us to provide excellent comfort for your family, guests, and crew, while sleeping on a Mattress Insider mattress.


We use a large assortment of innovative foams and coil options, such as:

Bayer and Preserve Visco Elastic Memory Foam

  • Natural Latex 1
  • Gel Memory Foam 2
  • Plant-Based High-Density Foam
  • Closed cell foam 3
  • Specialized custom foams and memory foams for marine environments
  • Marine Innersprings and pocketed coil spring mattresses

1 Latex foams available include talalay (more of a natural latex) and Dunlop (more of a synthetic latex)

2 Gel Memory Foam can be made specifically for V-berth beds as well, and is known as a cool memory foam. Gel-infused foams, if manufactured properly, can sleep 1-2 degrees cooler than traditional memory foam. Is your current boat mattress foam rubbery feeling? It could be because it was manufactured incorrectly, but it could also be due to high-quality latex having been used in the construction of the mattress. We can help you understand the differences.

3 Closed cell foam tends to be firmer and typically used in couch cushions), closed cell foam can be a great option, when you know the mattress will be in a damp environment.

Our Latex mattresses are breathable, hypo-allergenic, mildew-resistant, and resist bacteria. Additionally, each handcrafted custom mattress comes with a luxurious cover in one of 3 fabrics: Certified Organic Cotton, Cool-Max by Dupont, or Bamboo.

And if you’re looking to bolster your sleeping experience without replacing your whole mattress, we have toppers that work for any kind of boat mattress. We even have custom-made marine v berth mattress toppers that go across the often odd-shaped pieces necessary to make a mattress that fits in the keel of the boat. In case you’re not sure which custom topper will best fit, get in touch with Mattress Insider. A phone call with one of our mattress experts can help you create the best and most economical solution to fit your space!

Mattress in luxury yacht


Many people assume that the thicker your boat bed is, the more comfortable it is. However, that isn’t really the case. Height restriction can play a huge role in what will work in your space. Often, overhead space can limit mattress height/depth to dimensions between 3″–8″ (7.62–20.32 cm) thick.

Order with Mattress Insider and get comfortable mattresses in any depth. (This is great news in a boat space, where thinner mattresses often sacrifice on quality, in order to fit, but not Mattress Insider.)

Different heights require different materials. For example, if you only have 5 inches to work with, but you need it to support someone who is heavier than 250lbs, you’ll want to talk with us to get a marine mattress that will be supportive, while being comfortable. If you have more height allowance, perhaps you can go up to an 8 inch mattress with slightly different materials. So be sure to let us know about the available space in your boat’s bedroom, as well as who will be sleeping on the bed.

Once our experts know your dimensions, requirements, and the type of foundation (boat mattresses usually sit on supports that are slats, boards, or plywood), experienced craftsmen can build a bed based on your specific needs and desired firmness (soft, medium, firm).


Because all of our beds are custom, we can create any size or shape (king, queen, full, twin, or even smaller) you need. Our skilled team is adept at working with different bevels, joints, and irregular angles. Whether you need something that is rectangular, has cut-corners, or fits into a bunk space or other weird boat niche, we can help. Also we can make sure your mattress will fit into a Vee or V-Berth, whether it’s in the Forward cabin, Island Berth, Aft cabin, or Captain’s quarters. Whether you’re looking for a VIP yacht mattress, sailor bunks or just researching bedding options for a guest room or master stateroom, we’ve got you covered!

V-berth Boat Mattress

At MattressInsider.com, we can also provide solutions for custom sizes, shapes, and fastenings:

  • Zippers
  • Custom Hinge-Fold connectors
  • Elastic Straps
  • Buckles
  • Zippered Sheets
  • Beveled Edges 4
  • Curves 5

4 Beveled edges can be especially true for V-Berth mattresses. You often need the sides of the mattress to sit flush with the boat hull, or at least to mirror the shape of the hull. This requires that the mattress edges be beveled in order to fit the mattress properly into the keel of the boat.

5 Curves really hold true for boat mattresses, where any boat manufacturer can manufacture their mattress to fit a custom contour anywhere in the boat. We can help you measure the curves and contouring with simple guides and/or over the phone instructions. Let us help you by making sure your new boat mattress fits the shape of your vessel.


To create the best mattress for your boat, you will need the measurements of all sides and surfaces of the mattress. Because mattresses can differ greatly from boat to boat, please measure everything. To provide you with the most accurate quote, here is a checklist to work from, as well as some definitions.

Generally speaking:

  • The “base” of the mattress is the part that sits on the support (like the plywood or slats). Sometimes the underlying support is known as the bed deck.
  • The “top” of the mattress is the surface you sleep on.
  • “Head” and “Foot” are relatively self-explanatory, but the head of the bed is where your head goes and the foot of the bed is where your feet go.
    In mattresses with beveled edges, the measurements for the “base” and “top” can be different because the mattress may not be a rectangle shape.
    Obtain all dimensions with a tape measure.
  • If you want a bed to fit into your space, and don’t have a current mattress in the space, then determine your max lengths and widths. (For odd-shaped V berth mattress, we can rough estimate a quote over the phone, but detailed measurements, or templates of boat schematics from your boat’s manufacturer can be extremely helpful.)
  • Measure existing mattress dimensions if you already have a mattress in your space (also not a requirement for a quote, but extremely helpful, and will be needed when it comes time to order).
  • Check the height/depth of your current mattress (if available).
  • Note any height restrictions (i.e. bed is near the ceiling, low height limit, headboard would be hidden by a mattress that was too thick, etc).
  • Double, triple, and even quadruple check your numbers. (All custom boat mattresses (whether for yacht, sailboat, schooner, etc.) are non-refundable once ordered. There are no cancellations, modifications, refunds, or returns due to inaccurate measurements.) We don’t know if you measured twice, but we can only cut once. So please measure at least twice.

Measuring tape

The Best In Comfort

How are we able to offer you the ultimate in comfort for sitting and sleeping while docked or as you cruise, roam, and sail oceans, lakes, or seas?

The secret is in the design of the gentle, yet firm, support system of our mattresses. Our boat beds distribute body weight equally so that your shoulders, spine, waist, and hips can relax and let go of tension, providing you with the rest you need. You’ll likely feel like you’re yachting, even if you’re cruising in what others may refer to as a schooner.

Now is the time for you to order the best handcrafted marine, yacht, and sailboat V-berth mattress from MattressInsider.com. Let us help you get a great night’s sleep in your boat, rather than staying awake all night listening to the sound of waves lapping the boat or a ticking clock.

If you’re not sure which bed is best for you, no problem! We are happy to help you design and customize the best solution.


Just a little of what makes MattressInsider.com the best place for getting a boat mattress:

  • Zero compromises on materials and quality;
  • In the marine mattress business since 2008;

Luxury boat beds, from a company with friendly, helpful, USA-based (non-commissioned) mattress experts, with the knowledge to help you
Get in touch with us via phone or email, and let’s talk about your specific seafaring needs and requirements! We want to build the perfect mattress for your boat!

All of our custom boat mattresses are made in the USA and come with a 10-year warranty. We also guarantee timely shipping and delivery.
Call us today for questions, details, and to get pricing for your specific cabin dimensions!

Bon voyage!

Boat sailing into the sunset

Through MattressInsider.com, you can order custom-made mattress replacements for a wide range of boats, yachts, and other vessels including, but not limited to: cruiser-racer, powerboats, carter yachts, racing yachts, sailboats, RV houseboats, and other luxury ships.

Some of the brands we serve are: Sea Ray, Rinker, Regal, Bayliner, Mastercraft, Baja, Boston Whaler, Ranger, Malibu, Chaparral, Wellcraft, Riviera, Costa mesa, Carver, Grady-White, Sunseeker, Princess, Aegean, Hatteras, Tiara, Pursuit, Yamaha. Bahama Islander, Beneteau, Catalina, Chris Craft, Freedom, Grand Banks, Hunter, Irwin, Ludders; Moody, O’Day, Pearson, Purs, Reliance, Ringer Express, S2, Sabre, Shannon, Swan, and more.

Some example sizes and shapes we can make include:

Split V Berth

Split V Berth mattresses

Two Piece V-berths

Two Piece V-berths without a hinge

3 Piece V-berth Mattress

3 Piece V-berth with hinges

One Piece V Berth mattress

One Piece V Berth mattresses with hinge

2 Piece V Berth mattress

2 Piece V-Berths with inserts

V-Berth Mattresses with hinges

V-Berth Mattresses with hinges

1 piece triangle

1 piece triangles

2 piece triangle

2 Piece Triangles

triangle shapes with an insert

triangle shapes with an insert

Triangles without an insert

Triangles without an insert

sharp corners

sharp corners

Island Type cuts

Island Type cuts

Diamond cuts

Diamond cuts

Large radius cuts

Large radius cuts

Single radius cuts

Single radius cuts

different radius cuts on different corners

different radius cuts on different corners

Cut corners

Cut corners (on any corner)

Mattresses with 2 cut corners

Mattresses with 2 cut corners

Classic rectangle

Classic rectangle mattresses in any size

Marine Shapes

Unique Marine Shapes

Irregular U shapes

Irregular U shapes

Irregular T Shape

Irregular T Shapes

Trapezoid Shape Mattress

Slanted Trapezoids

Parallelogram Shape Mattress


5 Sided Polygon Mattress

5 Sided Polygons

6 Sided Polygon Mattress

6 Sided Polygons (common in boats)



Odd Shape

Any Odd Shape or size

Custom Cushion

Custom Cushions

Custom Hinged Cushion

Custom Hinged Cushions

Custom Long Mattress Cushion

Custom Long Mattress Cushions with hinges

Custom Tri-fold Hinge

Custom Tri-fold Hinged Cushions

Classic 90 degree edge

Classic 90 degree edges

Rounded Edge

Rounded Edges

Bull Nosed Edge

Bull Nosed Edges

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