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(Top 3) Short Queen Mattresses for 2024

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    Companion Guide to Finding the Best Short Queen Mattresses 2024 Edition

    We all know how important a good night’s sleep is, but getting the rest you need away from
    home and when on the road can be a challenge. More often than not, one of the major culprits is a stock RV mattress that feels harder than a concrete slab or bumpier than that rural road in Kansas.

    There’s no better time to take back control of your sleep than now. And a Short Queen
    Mattress might be just the ticket!

    Also known as an “RV mattress”, the ‘short queen mattress’ is a popular option for road warriors, nomads and occasional vacationers alike.

    In this guide, we’ll review the TOP Short Queen Mattresses for 2021, as well as a guide on what you should look for and consider when making a purchase.

    If you are looking to skip the background information, here are the top 3 short queen mattresses for 2021:

    The Sedona RV Mattress

    User Rating


    Why we like it:

    The Elation RV Mattress

    User Rating


    Why we like it:

    The Luxury RV Mattress

    User Rating


    Why we like it:

    Queen Short Mattress: Why is it the preferred option for RV Owners?

    It doesn’t take complicated mathematical formulas to figure out that an RV mattress is very different from that in your home bedroom. From the thickness to the shape, and yes, most notably, the length and width.

    Some RV mattresses are made for ‘single sleepers’ and are ideal for one person…but try to squeeze two people on it and you’ll be quite literally on top of each other.

    A Queen short mattress is a special mattress size designed to fit in an RV but still spacious enough to allow TWO people to sleep comfortably on the same bed. This makes them an ideal option for children, visiting family, sleepovers, and couples, as well as those of us who have fur babies that like to hog the bed.

    This popularity has been great for consumers, leading brands to innovate and offer a wide range of options and features designed to make your nights comfortable and relaxing.

    Short Queen Mattress Size: What Dimensions Are They?

    Although RV mattress sizes may vary from one manufacturer to another, the typical size for a RV Mattress Short Queen is around 60” wide (the same measure as a standard queen mattress), by 74” long.

    Some manufacturers also offer customized fabrication to uniquely fit your RVs designated sleeping area. Accommodations from such manufacturers not only allow you to modify the wide and length of RV short queen mattress, but in some cases the shape. This is a great feature for those with beds that are shaped with angles against walls or other features.

    Size Matters: Here’s Why

    It’s not just about ‘fitting’ in the limited space you have in your RV. The right size mattress can make a big impact on the quality of sleep you get. Too close to the edges and you’ll lack the support you need while positioning your joints at angles that can cause stiffness or next-day pain. Too short and your feet will be hanging off, uncomfortable and likely will ‘fall asleep’ before you do. In the end, it is really about maximizing comfort.

    RV Short Queen Mattress Materials & Types

    With scores of people, from remote workers to families packing up and hitting the road, embracing the nomad lifestyle, RV mattress manufacturers have upped their game to keep pace.

    Gone are the days when all you had to choose from we’re stock, mass-produced, overseas mattresses that were poorly made, treated with harsh chemicals, and were about as comfortable as sleeping on a pile of Legos.

    Today, you have options. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular types of RV short Queen Mattresses available, as well as the materials they are made from.

    Short Queen Memory Foam Mattress

    Originally engineered and designed for NASA memory foam has since made its way into the likes of everything from slippers to mattresses. While this infamous foam may have helped NASA get to the moon, it can just as effectively help you keep your head snuggly in the clouds at night.

    Considered the crème de la crème of mattress material, here are a few key benefits/reasons why you may want to consider a Short Queen Memory Foam Mattress…

    1. A True Hand in Glove Body-Contouring Fit

    Memory foam actively ‘molds’ and contours to the shape of your body no matter what position you sleep in. It responds to both pressure and heat, acting to evenly distribute weight and provide ample support. A common description of memory foam by first-time users is that ‘you melt into the mattress’.

    2. Impressive Temperature Control and Cooling Technology

    Open-celled foam mattresses and those with cooling gel foam offer natural temperature-mediating qualities. Not only does memory foam wick away heat and moisture from your body, it evenly distributes it, amplifying cooling and providing a more comfortable sleep. This is especially beneficial for those who sleep with a partner, pets, who tend to sleep ‘hot’, or who live or travel in areas where temperatures can get downright sauna-like.

    3. Optimal Support and Contouring around Joints to Relieve Pressure and Prevent Pain

    Memory foam is an often-preferred material for those with joint issues such as back or knee pain, and for those who work in physically demanding jobs for faster recovery and improved support. Not only does the memory foam contour to adjust to your body’s positioning, but it’s heat reactivity enables it to mold accordingly along areas of your body that may be warmer due to injury or inflammation.

    4. Motion Transfer Resistance

    Do you move around a lot at night? Does your partner wake you every time they shift positions? A notable and beneficial feature of memory foam is its ability to effectively absorb movements and disturbances to the mattress’s surface without impacting others laying in the same bed.

    RV Short Queen Innerspring Mattress

    A timeless classic, RV short queen innerspring mattresses have come a long way in the last 10 years, and are a fantastic option for individuals looking for non-foam mattress options. Many innerspring mattresses are now designed with ‘pocketed coils,’ which eliminate the old issues often attributed to innerspring beds. Here are some pros of RV innerspring mattresses:

    • Pocketed coil design allows for superior ventilation
    • Good bounce factor (if you still like jumping on the bed)
    • Highly durable
    • Springs are generally able to provide superior support when compared to foam
    • Pocketed coil design eliminates motion transfer, so you don’t disturb your partner or roll towards the center if you shift in the middle of the night
    If you are looking for a pocketed coil RV short queen mattress, click here for a fantastic option!

    The Queen Short Mattress: a Review of Our Top Picks for 2021

    1. The Sedona Deluxe RV Mattress

    The Sedona RV Mattress

    User Rating


    Why we like it:

    Manufactured by USA-based Mattress Insider, a leader in affordable, high-quality RV mattresses, the Sedona RV Short Queen deluxe mattress is our best in budget pick. Starting at just $199, this mattress offers a LOT for the price tag.

    As a budget-friendly option, we found that the Sedona was surprisingly comfortable as compared to some of the higher-priced models, and outperformed ‘cheap’ non-USA made RV mattresses by a mile.

    Although it’s not the best fit for everyone (more on that below), we feel like it is a great all-around short queen that is worth consideration.

    The Ultimate in Pressure Relief and Support

    The Sedona features a deluxe firm core, utilizing a proprietary foam blend to provide a firm, supportive feel. Ideal back sleepers, this mattress is perfect for those who find the plush “melting into the mattress’ feel a bit too soft.

    Contouring and Supportive

    No mattress from Mattress Insider would be complete without the use of rapid recovery foam, uniquely engineered to quickly adapt to changing positions and movements in bed, virtually eliminating that ‘stuck in place’ feeling common with traditional or cheap foam.

    Organic Cotton Cover

    Topped with a 100% organic cover, the Sedona maintains the look and feel of a high-end mattress inside and out. Not only that, the unique blend of all-natural cotton aids in temperature control and wicking moisture away from your body.

    Highly Customizable

    Mattress Insider knows all too well that each RV and living space is as unique as you are. When standard sizes won’t cut it, having the ability to customize your mattress is a godsend. The Sedona is capable of being customized by length, width, thickness or even odd shapes or angles to fit virtually any space.

    CertiPUR US® Certified Foam

    Dangerous chemicals frequently used to treat furniture, carpet and yes, mattresses, are known to cause “off-gassing” of volatile organic compounds, otherwise known as VOCs. These harmful fumes can cause a myriad of symptoms including shortness of breath, asthmatic reactions, headaches, dizziness, nausea and coughing.

    The Sedona, by contrast, uses organic materials and CertiPUR US® Certified Foam guaranteed free from harsh chemicals, ozone depleters, and heavy metals.

    Other Standout Features of the Sedona Short Queen Mattress

    • Free shipping to all 48 contiguous states
    • Generous 365-night in-RV trial
    • 5-year full warranty

    What are Customers Saying About the Sedona?

    The Sedona Short Queen RV Mattress has over 125+ reviews on its website, boasting an overall 4.9 out of 5-star rating. Our consumer research team found that overall the satisfaction rating of the Sedona far exceeded that of competitors, especially those in this price range.

    2. Elation Gel Foam RV Mattress with Organic Cotton

    The Elation RV Mattress

    User Rating


    Why we like it:

    Next up in our review is the Elation Gel Foam RV Mattress with Organic Cotton. As a leading contender in the mid-price range, the Elation is our #1 pick for ‘Best Value’ as far as short queen mattresses are concerned.

    Pricier than the Sedona, but still highly affordable, the Elation Gel Foam RV mattress takes cooling and comfort to the next level. Featuring multiple layers of innovative and proprietary foam, padding and gel, the Elation is truly something you have to feel for yourself to understand why it is a fan-favorite among novice RVers and road warriors alike.

    When you want a premium feel without the hefty price tag, the Elation is the way to go.

    Premium Support and Unbelievable Comfort

    One of the major standout features that make the Elation so impressive is it’s multi-layer build. From top to bottom, this short queen RV mattress was made with comfort in mind.

    Multiple Options for Thickness and Firmness

    The standard Elation is 6″ thick and features multi layer support. However it is available in a 9.5″ height (reach out directly to them learn more)

    Organic Cotton Fiber Cover

    The Elation starts off similar enough to the Sedona, utilizing the same high-quality, plush, 100% organic cotton fiber cover. Durable and soft, this cover is an ideal top to an impressive mattress. But that’s where similarities begin to diverge…

    Cool-Gel Plush Comfort Layer

    Just beneath the cotton cover, lies a layer of Certi-pur USA certified gel-infused memory foam. This layer is made from a proprietary blend of high-quality gel-infused foam (no cheap fillers or scrap here). This layer is designed to create a cooler surface area for sleeping, absorbing body heat and dispersing it away from your body.

    Contouring Cushion Foam Utilizing Rapid Air-Flow Technology

    Next up is a layer of ‘cradle contour foam’ designed to provide support, body-in-glove fit comfort and improved breathability for enhanced comfort and moisture control.

    Utilizing ‘rapid recovery’ technology, this layer adapts almost instantaneously to any shift in body weight, allowing you to effortlessly glide without ever feeling stuck.

    Durable and Supportive Firm Contour HD Soy Bio Support Foam Core

    Rounding out the interior of the Elation is a dense, high-quality core layer of foam making up the foundation of the mattress. This layer is both durable and supportive, providing reliable and consistent support no matter how much use it gets.

    CertiPUR-US® Certified Foams

    As an environmentally and health-conscious company, Mattress Insider has taken great steps to ensure it’s customers are safe, happy and healthy. Unlike many manufacturers (especially those mass producing mattresses overseas), Mattress Insider uses CertiPUR-US® Certified Foams in its Elation mattresses.

    What Makes CertiPUR-US® Certified Foam So Special?

    • Certified non-toxic
    • No heavy metals
    • No harsh chemical treatments
    • Made without dangerous PBDE flame retardants
    • Eco-friendly
    • No ozone depleters
    • Made without the use of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)
    • Low emission
    • Pet, kid and family safe

    Impressive 365-Night Comfort Guarantee

    In today’s age it is nice to see a company that puts it’s customers first and backs up it’s claims with a guarantee that is more than just ‘lip service’. Mattress Insider offers a 365-night comfort guarantee to make sure its customers are completely satisfied with the Elation Gel Foam RV mattress.
    But wait, there’s more!!! Not only is there a 365-night guarantee, but the company also provides a generous 20-year warranty on the product itself…a testament to its build quality and durability.

    When doing our research, we found many reports of customers stating how happy they were after having the mattress for years.

    What are Customers Saying About the Elation ?

    The Elation Short Queen RV Mattress has over 182+ reviews on its site with an overall rating of 4.82 out of 5-stars. Overall our consumer research team found that the majority of customers raved about the Elation’s medium firm feel – perfect for people looking for a mattress not too firm and not too soft.

    3. Luxury Gel Foam RV Mattress with Organic Cotton

    The Luxury RV Mattress

    User Rating


    Why we like it:

    Boasting over 20,000 satisfied customers, the Luxury Gel Foam RV Mattress with Organic Cotton might just be the most luxurious RV Short Queen Mattress we’ve ever had the privilege of testing.

    For those looking to replicate the luxury and feel of a high-end hotel mattress in their own RV, this 8” (or optional 11.5”) short queen RV mattress fits the bill.

    Made from the highest quality components and built to last, this short queen embodies unmatched comfort, superior support and unparalleled feel.

    Let’s take a look ‘under the hood’ to see what makes this short queen so impressive…

    Silky Soft Luxurious Organic Cotton Fiber Cover

    Ultra-soft, organic, and breathable, this cover not only wicks away moisture, but also aids in reducing the temperature, creating a cooler, soothing surface area to sleep on.

    Proprietary Cooling Gel Memory Foam Layer

    This layer of gel-infused memory foam features Certi-Pur US certified memory foam, capable of pulling heat away and resulting in a sleeping area 1-2 degrees cooler than standard memory foam.

    Made from high-grade memory foam with no fillers, this layer was designed to enhance comfort, provide cradle-like support, and last for years of heavy use.

    Contouring Cooling Gel Memory Foam

    One layer of cooling memory foam gel wasn’t enough for the makers of this mattress. This next layer features a thick layer of specialized high-quality contouring cooling gel memory foam, providing additional support and comfort while aiding in temperature reduction.

    Not only that, this layer features “rapid recovery” technology, resulting in a highly responsive foam layer that instantly adapts to your body’s movement and shifting of weight in the bed. The result? A feeling like you’re gliding over an enveloping layer that is almost anticipating each move you make to adjust and provide support.

    Durable High-Quality Foam Core

    Last up, this RV short queen mattress finishes off with a higher-density, high support foam core layer. Made from the highest quality foam, this layer provides superior support for those needing additional rigidity, and is built to last.

    Adjustable Firmness

    A short queen that does more for your money. Covered in both sides with the same high-end silky soft organic cotton cover, this mattress features not one, but TWO levels of firmness. Those wishing for a softer or firmer feel need only to flip the mattress to adjust.

    On the firmer side, sleepers will enjoy the added support and firmness of a higher density foam layer, while those who opt for the opposite side will enjoy the soft plush feel of the softer gel foam layers.


    In true Mattress Insider fashion, this model is highly customizable. Available in two thicknesses (8 and 11.5”) and a virtually limitless configuration of lengths, widths and shapes.

    What are Customers Saying About the Luxury Gel Foam RV Mattress?

    With over 280+ reviews on its site and thousands of customers, this luxury short queen has earned high praise from the masses. It currently boasts an overall customer satisfaction rating of 4.81 out of 5 stars. Although slightly lower than our other two picks, the overall sentiment from our customer research team was that those who purchased were quite happy with their decision.

    There were a few customers who thought 8” was a little too thin for a ‘luxury’ mattress and wished they went with the 11.5” option. If you have the space and dont mind the extra weight the 11.5″ option will likely be worth the extra cost. 

    Final Thoughts on Choosing the Right Short Queen Mattress in 2021

    No matter where the road takes you in 2021, you deserve to explore it in comfort. Getting a good night’s rest isn’t just a ‘nicety’, it’s a necessity, improving your health (both physical and mental), and ensuring you have the energy to tackle anything life throws your way.

    In this guide, we covered what we consider are the Top Short Queen Mattresses on the market today and why they made our list.

    That said, sleep preferences are a very personal thing, and what you find luxurious and comfortable, another may find too ‘squishy’ or non-supportive.

    The only way to know for sure is to give them a try yourself. But when that isn’t an option, purchasing a short queen with multiple levels of firmness (i.e. flippable) and/or those with ‘in-home’ or rather ‘in RV’ warranties that allow you to try them out, are ideal.

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