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Freightliner Truck Mattress

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You’re a long-haul trucker, cruising down the highway in your trusty Freightliner semi truck. But there’s one tiny issue — the terrible factory-installed mattress in your truck’s sleeper cab. 

If you’ve ever spent the night trying to sleep on one, then you know exactly what we’re talking about. They may be functional, but comfort is often a luxury that seems miles away.

Well, don’t worry! We’ve got the solution: replacement mattresses designed specifically for Mack semi-trucks.

Need a replacement mattress for your semi truck?

We’re here to help! Fill out the contact form below, and one of our mattress experts will answer any questions you may have. 

There are various sizes and styles of mattresses that we can design specifically for your rig, so you can find the one you need.

Why You’ll Love It

Unique Sizes

You'll get the exact size you need for your space

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10 year FULL warranty on custom made mattresses

365-Day Guarantee

365 days to try the mattress on non-custom orders

What to Look for When Purchasing a New Truck Mattress

Mattresses, specifically designed for your truck, are incredibly cost-effective due to their tailored fit and improved durability. Their life span is increased, so you won’t have to pay for another mattress anytime soon — saving you money.

Plus, their high-quality construction promises a superior sleep experience, letting you comfortably rest wherever your truck leads you.

Support and Comfort

It’s important that you find a mattress that can provide adequate support for your sleeping needs — without one, you can kiss that restful night goodbye. 

Depending on your favored sleeping position and firmness, there are numerous memory foam, innerspring, and latex options to accommodate you.

Breathable / Cooling Materials

In a tight semi truck cabin, it’s also important that your mattress breathes well to prevent heat and moisture buildup — an issue that every truck driver is familiar with. 

Plus, you can ensure that your new mattress includes cooling materials, like cooling gel foam or an “open-air” design (such as an innerspring), to guarantee that great night’s sleep.


Warranties are important considerations when buying any new mattress, and the same goes for semi-truck beds.

If a mattress doesn’t have a long warranty, it’s often an indicator of lower-quality materials used in the manufacturing. With that in mind, look for mattresses with a warranty of at least 5 full years.

With Mattress Insider, the minimum warranty you can expect is 10 full years, with many mattresses reaching up to 20. As an even bigger perk, the first 10 years on all of our mattresses is never Pro-Rated — meaning your mattress is covered in full for this warranty period.

Need assistance finding a replacement mattress for your rig? We’d love to help! 
Call us at 888-488-1468!

Freightliner Mattress Accessories

To make your sleeping experience even better, consider exploring additional accessories designed specifically for your truck mattress.


Get truck sheets that are specially designed to fit your semi truck mattress, unique sizes and all. 

Mattress Insider’s options are 100% made in the USA with USA grown cotton. They’re also breathable (perfect for hot-sleepers!), long-lasting, and incredibly soft.

Mattress Protectors and Encasements

Investing in a new mattress is no small thing, and you’ll want to protect your investment with exactly that — a mattress protector

Our traditional fitted sheet style protectors easily slip over your new mattress and provide top- protection from spills. Or, increase that protection by opting for the full encasement, which zips around your entire mattress — keeping out liquids, bed bugs, allergens, and more.


Often overlooked, your pillow is an important add-on when shopping for a new mattress. Cooling options are great for people who tend to sleep hot, and adequate support for your head and neck are vital for comfortable rest. 

Check out Mattress Insider’s gel pillows for the perfect balance between support and comfort.

A Replacement Mattress Perfect for Your Mack Semi Truck

Replacement mattresses for your Freightliner semi-truck are more than just a soft touch. They’re your key to at-home-comfort while you bring home the bucks

Tired of a stiff neck and an aching back? Give a replacement mattress a whirl and you’ll be kissing those goodbye.

Need assistance finding a replacement mattress for your rig? We’d love to help! 
Call us at 888-488-1468!


What size mattress will fit in a Freightliner?

In terms of standard semi truck mattress sizes, the closest that will fit in the back of one of these rigs is a Twin or Queen. However, standard-sized mattresses do not take advantage of all of the available space.

Because of this, it’s best to have a custom replacement mattress made. This can be done without breaking the bank and while keeping your sleep-needs top priority.

Where can I buy a mattress for a semi truck?

Since most semi truck mattresses are non-standard sizes, many mattress stores simply don’t carry them. Instead, you’ll want to shop at a place that offers these sizes as well as custom solutions, such as Mattress Insider.

Freightliner is a trademark of Freightliner Trucks. Freightliner is not affiliated with Mattress Insider. Mattress Insider sells Freightliner compatible products and is not affiliated or in any way associated with Freightliner Trucks.

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