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Questions? We're open! Call us! 888-488-1468

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Freightliner Mattresses

3 Myths About Buying a Replacement Freightliner Mattress

Mattress Stores Don’t Carry Them. Despite what many people think, Freightliner Mattress replacements usually can’t be found at local mattress stores due to their odd sizes. You’ll need to deal with a custom mattress distributor like us, MattressInsider.com.

We Won’t Know Your Size. The reality is, custom mattress suppliers not only do Freightliner mattress sizes, but also rv mattress sizes, boat mattress sizes, camper mattress sizes, and trailer mattress sizes, etc. Many truck drivers will call in giving us only the make and model of their truck and unfortunately, that’s not enough information for us to go on. You’ll need to pull out the old tape measure and call us back with dimensions.

Measure the Surface the Mattress is Going On. Mattresses will change size and shape after many years of use. So instead of measuring the existing mattress, measure the surface the mattress goes on. Keep in mind that you’ll need room to tuck in your truck mattress sheets or to put on a truck mattress protector.

Some of the Freightliner truck mattress sizes we’ve seen include: 29″x79, 36″x80″, 34″x80″, 39″x80″…. among many others.
MattressInsider.com can do custom sizes for Freightliner Mattresses, Western Star Mattresses, Peterbilt Mattresses, Mack Truck Mattresses, Kenworth Mattresses, Volvo Mattresses and Navistar International Mattresses.

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