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Questions? We're open! Call us! 888-488-1468

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Horse Trailer Mattress Replacement

Welcome to! We’ve been custom manufacturing odd sizes horse trailer mattresses, toppers, sheets, and mattress protectors since 2008.

To view our online mattresses and accessories which can be custom made in horse trailer mattresses sizes, click here.

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If you’re like most cowboys and cowgirls, the cheap OEM mattress in your horse trailer has been killing your back for a while now.

Like many, you’ve tried these cheap solutions which just haven’t cut it:

  • Coleman air mattresses which constantly deflate and pop easily under the spurs on your boots.
  • Egg crate toppers which make the mattress a little softer, but they retain heat, they don’t fix sagging issues, and they’re not durable.
  • Cheap Ikea futon mattresses also kill your back, they sleep hot, they’re not durable, and the’re a haven for bugs, mites, mold, and mildew.

So today…you’ve finally decided to bite the bullet and buy a comfortable replacement designed to fit your horse trailer.

You need something designed for overnight sleeping that can handle your crazy travel schedule. Our mattresses are comfortable, light-weight, and easy to maneuver in your sleeping quarters.

As you’re well aware, the interior of your trailer is a tight space with an ever changing climate (I believe the options are: hot, cold, igloo, and sauna).

Depending on your circumstances, you might be contending with some of these challenges:

  • nose that tapers
  • low ceiling height
  • narrow wall-to-wall space
  • walk throughs
  • triangle shaped nooks
  • nose cabinets for your saddles that need to open over the top of your mattress.

And those are just space-related challenges! You also have to deal with issues like: heat, humiity, mildew, rodents, and insects (ask us about our moisture barriers and mattress encasements!)

If you’re lucky, the bed area has been “dropped” to accomodate for more headroom. However, under most circumstances, you’re going to need a mattress in a custom height and shape that will accomodate for one or more of the issues above.

The most common size found in bunk quarters is wider in width on one side and narrow on the other side. It’s also an odd length. It measures 52″ x 82″ x 64″ (W x L x W).

While these dimensions fit the small LQ of most 7′ wide horse trailers, we can also custom manufacture any size you need.

The height is usually an odd size as well. The most common thicknesses range from around 4″ to 8″ depending on your trailer’s configuration.

All of the mattresses below can be made in this size upon request.

Call us for a quote! (888) 488-1468

Over the years, we’ve made hundreds of replacements for popular models like Hart, Featherlite, Sundowner, Cherokee, Hawk, Kiefer, Merhow, Elite, Logan, CM, Turnbow, Cimarron, Hossier, Titan, Bison, Bloomer, Sooner Trailers, S&H, Exiss, Platinum, Delta, and more!

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a trapazoid shaped gooseneck mattress or if it’s an odd shaped rectangle, we can probably make it.

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