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Travel Trailer Mattress

Travel Trailer Mattress

Are You Considering Buying an Innerspring Travel Trailer Mattress?

Buying an innerspring travel trailer mattress is a bad idea. Why? Frankly, due to the limitations in how they must be constructed, they are not comfortable.

The average innerspring replacement travel trailer mattress is approximately 8" in thickness. Usually, this 8" depth consists of a 7" tall innerspring for support and only 1" of a low density poly foam or fiber fill for a comfort layer.

As you can imagine, only 1" of low density padding separating you between steel coils does not make for a comfortable mattress and won't be very durable. Furthermore, the typical innerspring replacement travel trailer mattress usually contains an entry level bonnel coil unit with only 312 coils. This is the lowest coil count available and it does not provide the average person with adequate support. A low coil count also causes issues with motion transfer between sleeping partners and little or no edge support.

So why not construct a travel trailer mattress with more coils and more padding? Great question! Innerspring mattresses designed for residential use are between 10-12 inches in thickness and have over 732 coils providing for a much more comfortable and supportive mattress. Unfortunately manufacturers who produce mattresses to this spec, generally don't do those odd travel trailer mattress sizes (60x75, 48x75, 72x80, etc).

Secondly, a travel trailer mattress made to this spec is very costly to ship to customers. Most replacement travel trailer mattresses are compressed and rolled for shipping so that they can be sent via UPS or Fedex. Mattresses made to the residential spec listed above would have to be flat packed and sent by truck. Shipping this way can end up costing you more than what you paid for the mattress.

In addition, mattresses that are flat packed instead of compressed and rolled can be very challenging to setup if you have a bend in the hallway of your travel trailer (most do).

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