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Questions? We're open! Call us! 888-488-1468

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Texas King Bed

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Texas King Bed

The oversized mattress with extra length!
The Texas king bed mattress is perfect for individuals who need that little bit of extra leg room.


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Ability to Change the Feel of the Mattress
Most Texas king beds have just one comfort option. If you don’t like the feel, you’re stuck with a massive bed you don’t like! Our Texas king bed lets you adjust the feel to your liking by flipping or removing layers. It’s like having six mattresses in one! 

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Sleep at the Ideal Temperature
The top layers are made of 2” of cooling gel memory foam plus 2” of temperature neutral Talalay latex. Both layers are tucked in a soft organic cotton cover to provide you with the perfect blend of materials that help to regulate body temperature.

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No Movement of the Layers 
Our patent pending “Zip in Place” system zips the top and bottom layers, preventing the sections from shifting over time.

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CertiPUR Certified
Rest assured your mattress is built by hand right here in the US using only the highest quality materials. 

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Supports up to 50% More Body Weight 
Individually pocketed coils can support individuals weighing up to 300 lbs. Foam supports less weight and tends to wear out faster, causing sagging and impressions overtime.

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Lasts Twice as Long
Other retailers use inexpensive, low quality foam to build the base support layer.  
The base of your Texas king mattress is made with individually pocketed coils, which significantly outperform foam when it comes to support and durability.

Mattress Construction

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Wrapped in a firm edge support

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Contouring and supportive
pocketed coils

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Breathable Air-flow foam

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Durable and soft latex foam

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Cooling gel memory foam

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Plush organic cotton
quilted cover

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Total Height:  13.5″

Comfort Layer (top):

  • 1” Soft Organic Cotton Quilt
  • 2” 4 LB Gel Memory Foam
  • 2” Talalay Latex
  • Smooth Top Organic Cotton Bottom

Support Layer (base):

  • 1 ¼ 1.8 LB Convoluted Foam layer (firm side)
  • 6” Individually pocketed coils, foam encased
  • ¾” High density foam (very firm side)

Additional Benefits

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Easy to Relocate and Setup
The mattress ships in three pieces (one top piece and two base pieces), which makes maneuvering it up a flight of stairs and into your bedroom a breeze. Other Texas kings are built as one, ~400lbs piece, requiring 4-5 people just to move it!

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Easy to Rotate
We recommend rotating your mattress every 6 months so that it wears evenly. Due to the fact that it is made in three pieces, rotating is much easier to accomplish vs if the mattress was one 400lb piece!

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Save over $1000 in ‘built in’ freight expenses
Due to the fact that other companies’ mattresses will need to be shipped via freight, you’re going to pay a fortune! With our patented design, your oversized mattress will be compressed, rolled, and shipped via FedEx – saving you those costs.

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Lower Replacement Costs 
When the day arrives that your amazing oversized bed reaches the end of its life, you can save money by simply replacing the top layer, rather than the entire bed. In most mattresses, regardless of manufacturer, the top layers are the first layers to wear out.

How to Adjust The Feel of Your Mattress

By flipping or removing layers, it is possible to create up to 6 firmness options. As soon as you’ve dialed in your perfect firmness, simply zip all the layers in place!

Flip a layer:

5” Comfort Layer:

  • The top side construction is a 1” organic quilt and 2” of soft gel memory foam. The bottom side is a cushion firm Talalay latex covered in a smooth top organic cotton.
    Note: The easiest way to flip this layer over is to FIRST roll it up from one end to the other. Trying to flip it like you would a blanket will be a lot more difficult.

8.5” Support Layer:

  • One side of your base pieces are considered ‘firm’ and the other side is ‘very firm’.

Remove a layer:

  • You can sleep on the top comfort layer without the support layer as long as it’s placed on a flat surface (ex: carpet, plywood, etc).
  • You can also choose to sleep on the base layer, if you prefer a firm feel (this increases the number of options to 8!). Remember though, the base is two separate pieces zipped together, so using it this way will create a small gap between the two pieces.
  • Note: The biggest challenge you’ll run into when removing a layer is where to put the pieces you’re not using. So keep that in mind before choosing to do this.

Texas King Size Bed FAQs

Q.  Why do you make this mattress in three pieces instead of one?
A.  Although we are capable of building an oversized mattress in one piece, we found that the three piece design works best. It is much easier to setup, and it gives you the ability to customize the feel of your mattress; something you cannot do with a one-piece design

Q.  What is the minimum size room you should have for this mattress?
A. We recommend 12’x14′

Q.  What is the Texas King Bed size?
A. 80×98 or 203 cm x 249 cm.  Curious how these dimensions compares to other giant beds?  Check out our Alaskan King Bed guide.

Q.  Can you make sheets and a mattress protector to fit this size?
A. Yes! We can certainly make texas king bed sheets. Please feel free to call us for pricing 888-488-1468 and to place an order (they are not listed on the website at the moment, but they will be soon).

Q.  Can you make a size larger than Texas King?
A. Yes! We have the Alaskan king bed for sale as well and that measures 108″x108″.

Q.  Do you carry bed frames and box springs to fit these sizes?
A.  For the Family Bed, we offer metal foundations that take the place of both the boxspring and the bedframe. Note: For all other sizes like the Alaskan King, Texas King mattress, and Wyoming King bed, you can either place them on the floor or have a carpenter or local furniture manufacturer make you a bed.

Q.  Can this be used on an adjustable bed and do you sell them?
A.  We do offer adjustable beds. Please call us for a quote.

Q.  Do I have a return policy with this mattress?
A.  The 121 day trial period does not apply with any of our oversized/giant mattresses. Due to the cost of labor (our oversized mattresses are custom handmade just for you) and materials, we do not accept returns or cancellations once we start production.

Q.  How will it ship?
A.  Your mattress consists of three pieces. The comfort layer and 2 bases that make up the support layer. All three are compressed, rolled, and boxed separately. All three will ship via FedEX ground.

Q.  What’s the difference between a texas king bed vs california king?
A.  The Texas King measures 80″x98″ and California King is 72″x84″.  Eastern king is 76″x80″.

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Shipping Time

Production time is approximately 7-12 business days. After that, each section of your Texas king bed mattress will be compressed and rolled for shipping. Transit time to the east coast is 2-3 business days and 4-5 business days to the west coast. Shipping will be via FedEX Ground. Unless requested, FedEx will not require signature upon delivery.

Non-Contiguous States & Canada Shipping: If shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, US Territories, or Canada, please call for shipping costs. Remote areas may be assessed higher shipping fees. The customer is responsible for all customs fees when shipping to Canada.

Unboxing and Setup

Easy 5 Minute Setup Instructions

  1. Bring the compressed & rolled pieces into your home
  2. Remove the base pieces first and position them on the sleeping surface
  3. Remove the plastic packaging and unroll each base piece
  4. Remove the top piece last and position it on top of the base pieces
  5. Remove the plastic packaging from the top piece and position on the base pieces
  6. Allow 2-4 hours for the mattress to fully expand (this process can sometimes take up to 24 hours)
  7. Enjoy your mattress for years to come!

Return and Cancellation Policy

All mattresses in our oversized bed lineup, including the Texas king bed, are not eligible for returns or the 121 day guarantee.

Due of the cost of labor and materials, we cannot offer returns, exchanges, refunds if the incorrect dimensions are ordered.

We start production of your mattress within 24-48 hours upon receipt of your order. Once we begin production, we cannot guarantee the acceptance of any cancellation request made by the customer. Please double check your measurements before ordering.

We are here to help! If you have any questions, please contact us at 888-488-1468.

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