Mattress Fun for Kids: Online Bedtime Stories

Prop your feet up, wiggle into your blankets and take a big breath because it is your favorite time of day. It is getting dark outside and that means bedtime stories are ready to be told and little ears are ready to hear. What is today’s story going to be? It might be about a furry monster just looking for a friend, or perhaps a young hero ready to save another cat stuck in a tree.

A scary story is perfect for the kid who loves getting goose bumps and chills. An adventure story filled with fighting and quests opens the mind to imagination. Maybe handsome princes and princesses get your heart pumping with happiness and these stories of stolen kisses and love. With so many choices and stories found right online, there is the perfect tale for you.

Bedtime Stories

Read exciting bedtime stories about scary dragons, mysteries, fun fairy tales and kids going on adventures.

American Folklore Children Stories

Here are some children’s bedtime stories about all types of animals from the littlest hummingbird to a scary alligator.

Fairy Tales

Dive into many classic bedtime stories and fairy tales including the fun adventure of Peter Rabbit.

Bed Time Stories for Kids

Reading is a fun way to learn more about the world and these bedtime stories will keep mom and dad reading for hours!

Family Bedtime Stories

Enter if you dare, because in here there are scary dragons and spooky adventures around every corner.

It is Story Time

These children bedtime stories might make it hard to go to sleep because you will be asking for just one more.

Funny Bedtime Stories

Get ready to read and most likely laugh because these bedtime stories are known to give giggles to kids.

Scary Stories for Kids

Have you looked under your bed yet? Well after reading one of these stories you will find yourself checking everywhere for a possible loose monster.

Ready for Bed Stories

These stories will make your eyes a little droopy, your arms heavy and your head sleepy and get you ready for bed.

Stories to Help You Learn

Complaining, disobeying, and being selfish are qualities that make it hard for kids to make friends. These stories help teach you to be kinder and more caring towards others.

Alyssa’s Bed Time Stories

Imagine being a pirate on a big ship sailing across the ocean, or perhaps a knight in shining armor ready to slay a dragon and save a beautiful princess. These stories open up the world and bring fantasy to life.

How to Read a Story

Even the most exciting story in the world can sound boring if the person reading it is mumbling the words. You can make the story great with a little work.

This is a cute story about a little boy who was very sad but with the help of a lady there is a way to make things better.

Rodney Rountree’s Children’s Stories

A bedtime story online is an easy way to get a story in quick enough to find a second one to read.

Bedtime Stories for Boys

Princess and fairy bedtime stories can make a boy yawn with boredom, but these stories are written just for boys.

The Bedtime Book

This is a great book with lots of short stories and poems for kids to read aloud.

Jennifer McBride is a staff writer with MattressInsider. Jennifer loves to write.

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