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RV Queen Mattress

Top 3 Replacement RV Queen Mattresses

High Quality Replacements at Affordable Prices

We have all common RV bed sizes are available, including the popular 60 x 75 short queen! We can make your mattress in any size or shape including the odd-shaped Airstream mattresses and the short pop up camper mattress! Need a custom rv mattress size, a cut corner, or a radius corner? Give us a call for pricing! 1-888-488-1468


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RV Queen Mattress Buyer's Guide & Frequently Asks Questions

What size is an RV queen mattress?

The most common RV Queen size is the RV Short Queen, which generally measures 60″x75″ or 60″x74″.  Some RV Queen mattresses also have radius corners at the foot of the bed.

How big is a queen size RV mattress vs regular queen mattress?

A standard residential queen measures approximately 60″x80″ (5″ longer than the 60″x75″ size). Most RV’s take the short queen size; this might be because a slide out in the bedroom or an adjoining bathroom layout prevents the mattress from being any larger.

With that being said, there many RV and campers that are being designed to take a standard residential queen. For example, most pop-up campers and truck campers utilize the 60″x80″ size. It is best to measure your own space to be sure of the specific size you have, before ordering a replacement mattress. 

What are the dimensions of a RV queen mattress?

Size Dimensions
RV California King 72" x 84"
RV King 76" x 80"
72" x 80"
72" x 75"
RV Olympic Queen 66" x 80"
RV Queen 60" x 80"
RV Short Queen 60" x 75"
60" x 74"
RV Full 55" x 75"
54" x 75"
53" x 75"
RV Three Quarter 48" x 80
48" x 75"
48" x 72"
RV Twin 42" x 80"
40" x 80"
39" x 75"
38" x 80"
38" x 75"
RV Bunk 35" x 79"
34" x 75"
32" x 75"
30" x 80"
30" x 75"
30" x 72"
28" x 75"
28" x 72"

Where to buy an RV queen mattress?

If you are not sure which RV mattress to go with, feel free to contact an rv mattress expert at 1-888-488-1468.

Should I buy a mattress or a mattress topper? What is the difference?

This is a great question, and one that many RV and camper owners ask themselves while shopping for a replacement mattress. 
The answer to this question comes down to what the issue is with your current mattress. Is your current mattress too firm, or is it no longer providing the support to keep you comfortable? If your mattress is too firm, a topper is a great option – they are specifically designed to make a firm mattress softer. However, if your current bed is no longer providing support, a topper will not help. In fact, putting a topper on a non-supportive mattress can make the issue worse!

Types of Camper Beds

Foam & Memory Foam

Foam mattresses are a great option when you are shopping for a camper mattress. They are generally put into two categories:
High Density Foam Mattress and High Density Foam + Memory Foam Mattress. If you aren’t particularly fond of that ‘memory foam’ feel, it’s best to choose a high density foam mattress without memory foam. If you choose one of these beds, they are usually less expensive when compared to the memory foam versions. However, if you enjoy the soft molding effect that memory foam provides, make sure your mattress includes it!

What about Gel Memory Foam?

Gel memory foam is designed to combat the heat retention issues that are common in memory foam mattresses. They sleep several degrees cooler than traditional memory foam, making it a great choice for someone who sleeps on the warmer side.


Innerspring mattresses (also known as pocketed coil mattresses) are perfect for individuals looking for extra support, or anyone who prefers a coil mattress over a foam mattress. 
Innerspring mattresses are often able to support individuals that weigh up to 325lbs, while foam mattresses usually top out around 275lbs. 


Most people are completely unaware that most major mattress manufacturers are building their most popular beds using latex foam. Latex foam is more eco friendly, more durable, and sleeps much cooler than other types of foam. 
With all of these benefits, you might ask yourself …what is the downside? Unfortunately, latex foam is much more expensive than other bedding materials – often making it a difficult purchase to justify. Also, latex foam tends to be more firm than other types of foam; if you prefer a mattress that is on the plush side, a latex mattress may not be for you. 

Air Mattress

As a general rule, we don’t recommend air mattresses as a permanent replacement for your RV queen mattress. As a temporary fix, they can work great. However, most air mattresses are not designed to be used day after day, and in our experience, wear out much more quickly than a regular mattress. The air mattress bladder can easily become punctured, and trust me – there is nothing worse than being stuck hundreds of miles from home without a bed to sleep on!

If you are not sure which RV mattress to go with, feel free to contact an rv mattress expert at 1-888-488-1468.

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