[Top 4] Mattresses for People 6 to 7+ Feet Tall

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Jonathan Prichard

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If you happen to be among the tallest of the bunch, there’s more of you to love but there’s also more of you to support!

When it comes to mattresses, most makes and models simply don’t offer that support and square footage needed to help you sleep comfortably.

Fact is, a ‘one size fits all’ approach to mattresses just won’t cut it.

Sure, you might be able to make do with a Queen, California King, or even a Twin XL, but don’t sell yourself short (pun intended).

We spend at least 1/3 of our lives sleeping or in bed, so don’t you think you deserve to spend that time enveloped in the comfort of a mattress that is best for tall people just like you?

Best Mattresses for Tall People

#1 - The Texas King Bed

Bigger sometimes really is better, and if there’s one thing Texas is known for, it’s going BIG.

Despite the name, this bed doesn’t actually come from the Lone Star State, but it does boast a size suitable for the tallest of Texans.

Texas king mattress versus standard king mattress

Size: 80” x 98”
 -80 inches wide (203.2 CM)
 -98 inches long (248.92 CM)

Recommended Room Size (In Feet)
12’ x 14’ is ideal to provide ample space around the bed

Mattress Shape

Why We Love the Texas King Bed for Tall People

Ranking as the second-largest bed (in terms of length), the Texas King Bed offers a great combination of size, form, and function.

Although a bit narrower than other mattresses made for tall people, some consumers prefer the streamlined shape, making it easier to accommodate in smaller spaces.


  • Ample size for tall folk, coming in at a generous 98” long
  • Narrower width than other oversized mattresses, making for a better fit in smaller rooms
  • Provides a generous 8” wider sleeping space than does a standard King and 4” wider than a California King
  • Perfect for people 6 ft. and taller (up to 8ft tall)
  • Classic rectangular shape
  • Often less expensive than other oversized big and tall mattress sizes 
  • Expansive sleeping area


  • The narrowest of the big and tall mattress sizes
  • Not as ideal for co-sleeping with more than two kids, partners, or pets

#2 - The Alaskan King Bed

The ‘Everest’ of mattresses, the Alaskan King bed gets the gold medal for sheer size, ranking as the largest (non-custom made) bed on the market.

Clocking in at an impressive 9’ x 9’ (nine by nine foot) in size, this bed is as wide as it is tall.

Alaskan king mattress versus standard king mattress

Size: 108” x 108”
 -108 inches wide (274.32 CM)
 -108” inches long (274.32 CM)

Recommended Room Size (In Feet)
16’ x 16’ is the suggested size to allow for ample space around the bed

Mattress Shape


  • The biggest mattress size you can buy
  • Perfect for big and tall individuals
  • Ideal for co-sleeping with pets, partners, and children
  • Can ‘fill out’ an oversized bedroom
  • Comfortably sleeps anyone up to around 8’ tall


  • Higher cost due to the amount of materials needed for its size
  • Requires a larger bedroom to comfortably fit

#3 - The Alberta King Bed

As the Alaskan King’s smaller (yet still spacious) cousin, the Alberta King Mattress boasts a massive 8’ x 8’ space to sprawl out on.

The bed’s non-standard design and size is often ideal for tall ladies and gentlemen requiring a bit more legroom, but who don’t quite have the space for an Alaskan.

Alberta king mattress versus standard king mattress

Size: 96” x 96”
 -96 inches wide (243.84 CM)
 -96” inches long (243.84 CM)

Recommended Room Size (In Feet)
14’ x 14’ is the suggested size to allow for ample space around the bed

Mattress Shape


  • 2ft wider and 1.5ft longer than a California King
  • Slightly smaller than the Alaskan King, making it easier to fit in a smaller room
  • Can fit in a room as small as 11’ x 12’
  • Loads of space for co-sleeping
  • Enough room for 2 children if used as a ‘family bed’


  • Requires a slightly larger bedroom to comfortably fit

#4 - The Wyoming King Bed

The runt in a litter of mattress giants, the Wyoming King bed comes in as the smallest of the oversized mattresses for tall people.

As long as a California King but a one full foot wider, this mattress might just be the ideal option for tall individuals with a smaller room size to work with!

Wyoming king mattress versus standard king mattress

Size: 84” x 84”
 -84 inches wide (213.36 CM)
 -84 inches long (213.36 CM)

Recommended Room Size (In Feet)
12’ x 12’ is the minimum suggested size to allow for ample space around the bed

Mattress Shape


  • 42” of sleeping space per person (when sleeping two)
  • Perfect for the tall couple that finds the California King long enough, but too narrow 
  • Fits comfortably in a standard 14’ x 16’ master bedroom


  • Co-sleepers, or those with children or pets, may find this bed too small or narrow
  • At only 4 inches longer than a standard King, extra-tall people may not find it long enough

How We Chose the Best Beds for Tall People

1. Size

‘Size Matters’ isn’t just a cliché when you’re tall, it’s a necessity. Don’t let another mattress company pitch you on ‘traditional’ sized mattresses not made specifically for tall people.

The sizes in this guide might not be available in your average mattress store, but MattressInsider isn’t average, and we would never leave you — or your feet — hanging.

2. Support

Maintaining good sleeping posture throughout the night is extremely important. But without adequate support, your mattress will end up sinking like the Titanic — reducing not only comfort, but throwing your body out of whack in the process.

As a tall person, you likely have a larger frame than the average mattress-shopper. This is great — we love tall people! Most especially when they reach things us shorter folks can’t.

But that also means you need a bed with adequate support to ensure your spine and major joints are comfortably kept in proper alignment regardless of how you sleep. Whether that be on your back, your side, your stomach, or even upside down.

3. Comfort

Support is one thing. Comfort is another.

For example, some beds will provide adequate support to keep your joints in alignment, but still not offer comfort features that gently embrace your body and help you get the best night’s sleep possible.

However, comfort can be tricky as well.

With a larger frame, you likely require a very different combination of comfort features, foam densities, and more, than a smaller and lighter body would.

Custom Mattress Options for Extra Tall People

If none of the sizes listed above will work for you, then there’s always the option to have your own custom mattress made!

And, opposite to what most people think, this option is generally quite affordable you just have to know where to look. 

Where Can You Buy a Mattress for Very Tall People?

As you’ve likely already experienced, many manufacturers and stores don’t exactly cater to the vertically endowed.

For those who are tall, big, or big and tall, this often means endless searching online and in person, or paying extortionist prices for something custom made.

Here at MattressInsider, we believe that everyone deserves a good night’s sleep — no matter their height.

Unlike traditional mattress stores, we carry a full line of oversized beds perfect for even the tallest of the bunch.

Our mattresses are made to the highest standards using innovative sleep technology, cutting edge support systems, and comfort materials engineered to help you get your best night’s rest in so long you can’t even remember.

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