[10 Tips] Sleeping the Best When Traveling On A Cruise Ship

With all the excitement that comes with time on a cruise ship, it is important that you get a good night’s sleep in-between all the fun.  It may come natural to just go with the room that you are initially assigned, but taking the time to research your room may be more important than you think.  

Taking into account these tips will help you feel refreshed and allow you to make the most of your vacation!

  • Look at diagrams of the cruise ship online.  Every cruising company has maps of their ships, and knowing where your room is located can tell you a lot about how well you will (or won’t) be sleeping.
  • Be aware of what’s around the exterior of your room.  Make sure your room isn’t right below the dance floor or right next the elevator.  Rooms at the end of a hallway tend to be the most quiet and have less foot traffic passing by.
  • If you are sensitive to motion sickness try to book a room mid-ship, on a lower level.  On average, these rooms get the least amount of motion and will give you the best chance at a restful night’s sleep.
  • While balconies and rooms with a window give you the best view, they also let in a lot of light. Blackout curtains on ships are hit or miss, so choosing a room without a view could let you get more rest.
  • Again, if you are prone to motion sickness, it may be a good idea to pre-medicate.  If your stomach feels at ease, you are more likely to doze off and stay asleep all night.
  • Bring your own pillow!  Space in your suitcase may be limited, but having your own pillow will help you feel like you are at home and will help lead to peaceful ZZZ’s.
  • Put up the do not disturb sign.  Once you finally fall asleep, the last thing you want is to be awoken (before you are ready) by cruise staff.  
  • Bring a rolled up memory foam topper with you.  These travel size wonders can make a huge difference in improving mattress comfort.
  • If you use a cpap or bipap machine, or even if you just have a laptop that you want to work on, be sure to pack an extension cord.  Cruise ship rooms may be small, but they sometimes come with limited outlets.  Make sure you don’t end up cuddling in the bathtub just so you can plug in your machine.
  • Bring a sleeping mask and ear plugs.  Often, light can be seen under the door to your room, and with passengers and staff walking by the room 24 hrs per day, a way to block out light and noise can work wonders.

Overall, just a little extra planning up-front can go a long way in ensuring you are able to sleep during your fun filled time on your cruise.

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