Winnebago Revel

For a couple years now, the Winnebago Revel is a model we’ve been getting requests for. That’s because the mattress in a Revel has some pretty unique sizing. In a very cool way, the sleeping space comes down from the ceiling. This lets the mattress be stored, pretty much out of the way, when it’s not in use.

Your full sleeping area in the Revel is 48” x 75”. The space is actually a little wider where the side cushions don’t meet the wall. There is a 52.5” dimension for the mattress cushion itself. This makes the mattress cushion 48” x 52.5”.

The standard mattress that comes with the Revel is pretty decent (especially when compared with some of the really cheap “mattresses” we’ve seen in RV’s, which are really just blocks of cheap foam), but anyone who has spent several nights in a Revel will tell you, you can feel the gap between the mattress cushion and the side cushions.

We really like that the mattress comes down from the ceiling and lifts back up for storage. It’s a very smart space-saving feature and gives the Revel an extra “cool” factor. That said though, it does present some challenges. Because the mattress lifts up to the level of the air conditioning unit (assuming you got the AirCon with your unit), if you want to have a thicker mattress (even just for the 48 x 52.5 cushion), you can end up compressing the mattress against the air conditioning unit. This leads to condensation, and potentially overworking the air conditioner (if you accidentally have it running while the mattress is raised.

You definitely don’t want to wreck your air conditioning in your Revel as air condensers are never cheap to replace. So, what’s the solution to getting a great night’s sleep and not feeling those gaps in the sleeping surface?

A mattress topper that covers the whole 48 x 75.

You can order one right from this page!

Alternatively, if you’d like to get a mattress, you can see the options we have for Winnebago Revel mattresses as well.

There are even more great features in the 2020 Revel (automatic closing screens - super cool), but this mattress issue remains. We hope you’ll really enjoy your topper and look forward to hearing how (and where) it’s helped you to get a good night’s sleep.

By clicking 'Add to Cart', I understand and agree that I am ordering a topper with 4 corners that are cut to fit my 2020 Revel, and provided there are no manufacturer's defects, I know that this is custom and I can not return it.

2020 Revel Custom 2" 3LB Memory Foam Topper

(includes customized organic cotton cover!)

2020 Revel Custom Topper