Questions? We're open! Call us! 888-488-1468
Questions? We're open! Call us! 888-488-1468

Any Size. Any Shape.

Free FedEX Ground Shipping!

Once you place your order, our team of artisans will go to work on creating your order.

Please note: Free FedEX Ground Shipping is only available to the 48 contiguous states.

Production Time

While a few of our products can ship out within 24-48 hours, most will have a handling time of around 4-5 business days.

For more detailed handling times, reference the shipping tab on the product page you’re considering ordering.

Note: If you place an order for a custom size or shape, production can sometimes take a little longer depending on what’s being made.

Why doesn’t it ship immediately? We make everything from scratch here in the USA and we have very stringent quality standards. 

Your order won’t be made from components that have been sitting in a warehouse for several months collecting dust or in an overseas shipping container.

How We Package

Mattress orders and memory foam toppers will be compressed and rolled for shipping using our state of the art Roll Pack Machine.

Rollpacking drammatically saves on shipping cost, transit time, and it’s more environmentally friendly then shipping flat on a truck.

Sheets, mattress encasements, and some of our toppers are shipped in a clear vinyl poly bag.

Tracking Your Order

Once your order ships, you will be emailed a FedEX Ground tracking number (or in some cases an UPS or USPS).

You can either Google search your tracking number to track your package, or you can click the “Track Order” link at the top of this page. That page will give you order status, the ability to print copies of your order, and more.

Tracking Your Order
Transit Time

Transit Time

For most of our products, transit time is usually around 2-3 business days on the east coast and 4-5 business days on the west coast.

Note: Our sheets and mattress protectors are made at another facility and will ship separately from your mattress in most cases.

In a hurry? Give us a call! Usually we can expedited the manufacturing or the shipping of your order (or both!). We can be reached at 888-488-1468.

How Your Order Will Be Delivered

If you’re unable to receive delivery, the delivery driver will leave the mattress near your porch. Because deliveries normally happen when you are at work, we DO NOT require a signature for delivery. If you would like to request a signature, you must contact us prior to shipping.

Package Delivery
compressed and rolled mattress

Unpackaging Your Order

Mattresses and memory foam toppers: When your mattress arrives, simply remove the plastic (be careful not to cut the mattress), and place the new mattress on the sleeping surface. Most of our mattresses will decompress to about 95% of it’s final size within 1 hr. The other 5% can take 24-48 hours.

The decompression process is actually a lot of fun to watch. We recommend pulling out your camera and recording it

Please note: If you’re receiving delivery in a cold climate (winter time), decompression time may take longer

Sheets, encasements, and some toppers: simply remove the product from the package and it’s ready to be used!

Have Questions? Give us a call! 888-488-1468

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