What Is the Biggest Mattress Size?

Jonathan Prichard

Jonathan Prichard

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The Biggest Mattress Sizes Ranked

The literal question of the hour!

Grab a cup of joe or your favorite beverage, and kick back on that soon-to-be-described-as-minuscule bed of yours.

We’re about to open your world up to a whole new way of sleeping.

#1 - Alaskan King

Things might be big in Texas, but they are even bigger in Alaska.

You asked what the biggest mattress size is, and THIS IS IT!

Alaskan king mattress versus standard king mattress

How Big Is an Alaskan King?

108″ x 108″ (274.32cm x 274.32cm)

This model clocks in at a whopping 108” x 108”. That’s a magnificent 9 feet by 9 feet of pure comfort.

In fact, the Alaskan King bed is the largest mattress available on the market.

(However, if you ask us really really nicely we could probably fabricate something custom that’s even bigger. After all, we love a good challenge!)

Why Is an Alaskan King Bed So Big?

People seek out the largest mattress size on the market for various reasons.

For some, the visual impressiveness and aesthetics of these marvelous beds seal the deal. For others, it’s the usability with a large family or for a couple who enjoy sprawling out.

In other cases, people who toss and turn or who sleep with pets may prefer the extra space this mattress affords.

Lastly, those with large luxurious homes often have large master bedrooms that make even a standard King-Sized bed look small in comparison. In such spaces, an Alaskan King can appear more proportional to the living space.

#2 - Alberta King

When a regular King bed just won’t cut it, an Alberta might be the missing puzzle piece needed for you to get the best sleep of your life.

Alberta king mattress versus standard king mattress

How Big Is an Alberta King?

96″ x 96″ (243.84cm x 243.84cm)

The mighty Alberta measuring in at a boisterous 96” x 96” is a massive bed perfect for sprawling out and rolling around.

From big and tall folk, to co-sleeping families and even polyamorous throuples if extra space is what you’re after, then the Alberta is certainly worth consideration.

#3 - Texas King

It might be cliché, but everything is bigger in Texas… even the mattresses!

The good news? You don’t need to go to Texas to sleep like a king on a cloud!

Texas king mattress versus standard king mattress

How Big Is a Texas King?

80″ x 98″ (203.20cm x 248.92cm)

The Texas King bed measures the same length as a traditional King-size mattress, but that’s where the similarities end.

Compared to a standard King, the Texas is nearly two feet wider.

However, as a fairly uncommon size, not many manufacturers carry this model. Similarly, you might find it harder to locate bedding that properly fits.

What’s Bigger — a Texas King or California King?

“Texas is not only bigger. It’s arguably better,” we say, tipping our imaginary cowboy hat.

For comparison, the Texas King measures 14” longer and 8” wider than a traditionally designed California King.

The Texas King Bed is also a bit narrower than the Alberta, but it’s not to be outdone on length out-measuring the Alberta by 2” in that department.

Overall, the Texas King Bed is a fantastic choice for ample room to stretch out!

#4 - Wyoming King

It seems odd to say, given its overly large size, but the Wyoming King bed is the ‘smallest’ of the oversized mattresses on the market.

Clocking in at a not-very-humble 84” x 84”, this bed might be the runt of the big-bed litter, but it still has a ton of space to spread out on.

Wyoming king mattress versus standard king mattress

How Big Is a Wyoming King?

84″ x 84″ (213.36cm x 213.36cm)

Compared to a California King, the Wyoming is just as long but a generous whole foot wider.

When compared to a traditional King-size mattress, it measures 4” longer and 8” wider.

BONUS: The ‘Family Bed’

“BEEP BEEP!” Back it up with this oversized mattress!

As the name implies, the Family Bed is designed for co-sleeping with a big family!

It’s perfect for those with lots of kids and not enough bedrooms, or for vacation properties where you need to sleep a lot of people in limited space.

Family Beds versus Standard King Mattress

Just How Big Is the Family Bed?

Actually, Family Beds are available in three sizes:

  • EXTRA LARGE: 144″ x 84″ (365.76cm x 213.36cm)
  • LARGE: 120″ x 80″ (304.80cm x 203.20cm)
  • MEDIUM: 108″ x 80″ (274.32cm x 203.20cm)

As you may have assumed from those measurements, Family Beds aren’t so much tall or long as they are wide.

Go Big or Go to Bed: Common Questions About the Biggest Mattress Sizes

Is An Oversized Mattress Right for Me?

Space is the obvious reason why someone may seek out an oversized mattress.

Here is a quick recap of why buying one of the biggest mattresses may be the right move for you:

  • You enjoy sprawling out on the bed and need the extra space
  • You co-sleep with family members, such as toddlers who don’t yet have their own bed
  • You sleep with a partner, but toss and turn and don’t want to disturb them at night
  • You have a different sleep schedule than your partner
  • You sleep hot and need the extra space at bedtime away from other warm bodies
  • You happen to fall into the ‘big and tall’ category and would feel more comfortable in a bed made to fit your larger frame

Where Can You Buy Oversized Mattresses?

Good question! You’ve probably noticed that most stores don’t carry anything other than ‘standard’ mattress sizes.

And, although some boutique shops might offer a few models, they also tend to charge an arm and a leg.

MattressInsider specializes in custom mattresses and mattress sizes to accommodate virtually any space or need. We carry every size mentioned in this guide, engineered to the highest standards and guaranteed to help you get a better night’s sleep!

Where Can You Find a Bed Frame or Bedding for Oversized Mattresses?

You’ve got the mattress, but now what? Fact is, these mattresses will be incompatible with traditional foundations and bedding made for smaller sizes.

Often, the company that makes the mattress will also offer frames, foundations, and accessories that are compatible.

If that’s not the case, you may need to seek out custom fitted sheets that are tailor-made for your new bed.

You may also be able to move two smaller bed frames together to fit underneath your oversized mattress. Some oversized beds don’t even need a frame, and have been designed to lay directly on the floor!

Have more questions about the biggest mattresses available for purchase? Let us know how we can help we love beds, and the bigger the better!

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