Top 3 Pop Up Camper Mattresses – Expert Reviewed

Jonathan Prichard

Jonathan Prichard

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If you’re reading this, you are probably familiar with the pains (and aches) of sleeping on an uncomfortable RV mattress while camping.

It’s not fun to wake up stiff and with an aching body especially if you have outdoor adventures planned for the day!

If you own a pop-up camper, you have almost certainly experienced this. Comfortable mattresses are, quite simply, not high on the priority list of camper manufacturers.

So, you’re often left with a very low-quality bed. And, in turn, low-quality sleep.

Luckily, there are options out there that will make a massive difference for your weekend excursions!

We’ve put together a list of what we consider the top 3 best pop-up camper mattress replacements. And, if you’re the type that likes to soak up as much information as possible, we’ve included a pop-up camper mattress buying guide.

As always, feel free to contact us if you are unclear about anything we discuss!

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Best Replacement Pop-Up Camper Mattresses: Expert Reviewed

Best Overall

What We Love:

The East Hampton came out as the clear top-pick by expert reviewers.

At 4.5” high, it works perfectly in many pop up campers and comes with a long-lasting 10 year warranty.

Some of the features reviewers love are the temperature regulating gel memory foam, superior pressure point relief, and extra support (at 6′ tall and 190lbs, our tester didn’t even come close to bottoming out on this mattress!).

As an added benefit, one side is a bit firmer than the other, so you can take your pick depending on which you prefer!

Oh, and it’s also 100% made in the USA, and can be customized to whatever size or shape you require!

Specs Overview

  • Type: Gel Memory Foam
  • Thickness: 4.5″
  • Customizable: Yes
  • Feel: Medium-Medium Firm

Features Overview

  • Customizable to virtually any size or shape
  • CertiPur-US certified foam
  • Impressive pressure point relief
  • DUAL sided features a soft plush side, as well as a firmer side ideal for those who need additional support
  • 100% USA Made, and USA Materials
  • Generous 10-year warranty

Best Budget-Friendly

Mattress in a pop up camper at night

What We Love:

The Ovation is the best affordable option to replace your uncomfortable pop up camper mattress. It’s the one you choose when you want high quality in a simple design, without all of the extras.

Reviewers love that it’s finished with an upgraded cover made of breathable soft cotton fabric, and that it’s also made from multiple layers of soy-based foam constructed in a way that reduces painful pressure points, offers full body support, and maximizes airflow.

This mattress doesn’t need to be flipped or turned, and it comes with a 5-year warranty. Similar to the East Hampton, it can be customized and is 100% made in the USA!

Specs Overview

  • Type: High Density Foam Mattress
  • Thickness: 4.5″
  • Customizable: Yes
  • Feel: Medium

Features Overview

  • Customizable to virtually any size or shape
  • CertiPur-US certified foam
  • Contouring rapid recovery foam
  • 100% USA Made, and USA Materials
  • 5-year warranty

Best Tailored Option

What We Love:

Did you know you can have a custom mattress made for your pop up camper that fits exactly what you need — size requirements, sleeping preferences, and all?

We have found that many pop up campers need odd mattress sizes, making it very difficult to find the right replacement “off the shelf.”

So, instead of spending hours shopping for the perfect bed, you can look to MattressInsider to affordably customize your mattress to any size or shape!

Specs Overview

  • Type: You choose from a large variety of innovative foams and options
  • Thickness: 3.5″ to 16″
  • Customizable: If you can dream it, MattressInsider can make it!
  • Feel: 100% your choice!

Features Overview

  • Virtually any size or shape can be made
  • CertiPur-US certified foam
  • Made with a soft Organic Cotton Cover
  • 100% USA Made, and USA Materials
  • Generous 10-year warranty on most builds

The Pop-Up Camper Mattress Buying Guide — Everything You Need to Know

What You Should Be Aware of When Shopping for a Pop Up Camper Mattress Replacement Online

Pop up camper mattress sizes can be very unique, so you need to understand what to watch out for when you’re doing your research to purchase a replacement.

Below are four of the most important things to be aware of.

1. Companies Disguising Toppers as Mattresses

Toppers and mattresses are not the same thing, but many retailers and a lot of websites, comparison charts, and review articles don’t make the distinction between them.

Be careful and make sure the mattress you are considering for your space is actually a mattress, and not a topper.

Toppers can be wonderful additions to an existing mattress, but they are not designed to provide support.

Toppers are only designed to provide additional cushioning to the top of a mattress

Very few mattress companies make thin mattresses that are not toppers, so be sure that what you’re looking at is actually a mattress!

2. The Thickness of Your Pop Up Camper Mattress

Pop up camper mattresses must be less than 4″ to 5” in height, or the camper won’t close properly.

With that in mind, though, a mattress needs to be a minimum of 4” in height to offer adequate support and be considered a true mattress, rather than just a topper.

There are ways to figure out what height the mattress in your pop up camper should be: one of the easiest being to layer blankets on top of the mattress and then attempt to close your camper.

If you can layer 4 to 5 inches of material and still close it, a 4″ to 5″ mattress will fit. 

The thinnest mattress you can purchase will be 3″ to 3.5” in height.

Here’s anther thing to keep in mind: it’s important that a mattress this thin is made from 100% support foam. Otherwise, it won’t offer adequate support and thus lower the quality of your sleep.

3. Poorly Constructed Mattresses — Both in Materials and Design

When you’re shopping for pop up camper mattresses, it’s important to consider the quality. This includes the quality of the materials used to manufacture the mattress, and the structural design.

Both of these can have a significant impact on your overall sleep quality, as well as the longevity of the mattress itself.

The company you are considering should be willing to provide information about the materials they use, where they are resourced from, and the warranty length (and what it covers).

As with any industry, there are companies that sacrifice quality to save money, often sourcing cheap materials and labor from overseas where the standards are much lower than in the US.

Mattresses made with poor quality materials can, at the very least, have a short lifespan. At the very worst, however, poor quality mattresses can be toxic

4. Warranty and a Guarantee

The mattress you buy should offer a decent warranty and, ideally, a sleep guarantee.

Never purchase a mattress with anything less than a 5-year warranty.

In turn, for a higher quality mattress with a higher price tag, the manufacturer should provide a full 10-year warranty. Sleep guarantees should be included as well, even for something in a custom size.

What Size Mattress Should You Buy for Your Pop Up Camper?

The size of the replacement mattress you buy depends on the model of your pop up camper. Therefore, it’s critical that you measure the space accurately before you purchase a mattress.

You should measure length and width as well as the height, so you can be certain that your camper will close properly when the mattress is in place.

If it’s too thick, your camper may not close!

Keep in mind, there is no database with all the pop up camper mattress sizes ever made, and while it’s common for people to speak in standard bed sizes like King and Queen these are not the sizes you’ll need for your camper 99% of the time.

The measurements could be close to a standard size, but they won’t be exactly the same. Instead, you’ll likely need a mattress that can be made at a custom size just for your camper.

How to Make a Pop Up Camper Mattress More Comfortable

If your mattress isn’t comfortable, there are some things you can do to get a better night’s sleep.

You may be able to make your mattress more comfortable by purchasing a topper, or you may need to replace the mattress entirely.

Whether you’re experiencing lower back pain, you can feel your partner’s every move, your mattress sleeps too hot , it’s too thin, or it’s just too soft or firm for your liking, figuring out how to fix your uncomfortable RV mattress is less complicated than you might think.

How to Clean a Pop Up Camper Mattress

The approach you take to clean your mattress depends on the situation. Do you need to clean the mattress cover, mattress foam, or the mattress pad? Is there a stain? What caused the stain?

Are you tackling a spill, or do you have bed bugs or dust mites that you need to get rid of? Do you need to spot clean, or completely sanitize and disinfect your mattress?

Is there an odor stuck in your mattress that you want to get out once and for all?

Depending on how you answer the questions above, there are several mattress cleaning and treatment methods that can work wonders on even the toughest stains and problems.

Key Takeaways About Replacing Your Pop Up Camper Mattresses

The most important things to remember when choosing a replacement mattress for your pop up camper is this:

Read reviews, understand the difference between mattresses and toppers, measure accurately, and be sure to choose a mattress that is built using quality materials and construction.

Look for a mattress that is made in the USA with materials sourced from the USA, and be sure to choose a mattress that comes with a generous warranty.

Your sleep matters a lot so don’t cut corners when it comes to choosing a mattress for your pop up camper!

Questions? Feel free to contact us anytime at 888-488-1468!

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