[Top 3] Best Cot Mattresses You Can Buy Online

Best Cot Mattresses You Can Buy Online

In this guide, we cover the key aspects of cot mattresses, including the sizes, features, and materials to consider. From new purchases to a cot mattress replacement, we’ve got you covered (see what we did there? 🙂 )

Best of all, we have already done the homework for you, putting in countless hours and many nights of sleep on various makes and models to give you a first-hand account of what we consider the best cot mattresses you can buy online.

What is a Cot Mattress?

A cot, also known as a camp bed, is a type of fold-out bed. As the name suggests, the frame of these beds ‘folds up’ to take up less space when not in use. This makes them convenient for a broad range of situations where an additional bed may need to be pulled out for company or for situations when capacity has been reached (such as in hotels, shelters, hospitals or when camping).

The Best Cot Mattresses to Buy Online

We’ve narrowed down our list of best cot mattresses to the three listed below. We ranked each, but it’s worth noting that all three of the mattresses have their pros and cons; what is most important is finding the right fit for your unique situation. 

One more thing worth mentioning: if you have problems finding your size, you may be in need of a custom mattress. The great thing is, each of the picks below can be customized to whatever size or shape you need. We think that’s pretty awesome.

Rating: Best Overall
Type:  Gel Memory Foam
Thickness:  4.5″
Customizable: Yes
Feel: Medium – Medium Firm
Great For: Camping, Hotel, Home, Military, Emergency, Storage

Features Overview

  • Impressive pressure point relief
  • Customizable to virtually any size or shape
  • DUAL sided mattress featuring a soft plush side and a firmer side ideal for those who need additional support
  • Generous 10-year warranty
  • 100% USA Materials and Made

What We Love Most About the East Hampton Memory Foam Cot Mattress

There’s a lot to love about this mattress. First up, its luxury gel memory foam uniquely blends comfort with support. The mattress overall is a bit on the firmer side but without taking away from comfort. 

Those who are hot sleepers, or who live in warmer climates will enjoy the cooling technology built into the gel layered foam, engineered to help regulate body temperature to keep you cool.

CertiPur-Us 4LB open cell memory foam offers superior orthopedic support for joints and pressure points, keeping your body in alignment all night long and helping you to wake up feeling refreshed and restored.

Rating: Most Affordable
Type: High Density Foam Mattress
Thickness: 4.5″
Customizable: Yes
Feel: Medium
Great For: Camping, Home, Hotel, Military, Emergency, Storage

Features Overview:

  • Customizable to virtually any size or shape
  • Perfect for individuals looking for a firmer feel in their mattress
  • Contouring rapid recovery foam
  • Resourced and made in the USA
  • CertiPur-US certified foam
  • 5 year warranty

Why We Love the Ovation

In a few words, it’s an affordable mattress that doesn’t sacrifice support or comfort. Featuring a silky-smooth organic cotton cover followed by high-density support foam and a no-slip fabric base, this model is ideal for those looking for an entry level foam cot mattress.

Rating: Honorable mention for those seeking a THICKER mattress
Type:  Gel Foam Mattress
Thickness: 6″
Customizable: Yes
Feel: Medium to Medium-Firm
Great For*: Camping, Home, Hotel, Military, Emergency
*keeping in mind that this mattress may be more difficult to fold up

Features Overview:

  • Impressive pressure relief and support compared to other 6” models
  • Customizable to virtually any size or shape
  • Includes a soft as silk organic cotton cover
  • Airflow foam aids in reducing heat and improving breathability
  • Resourced and made in the USA
  • CertiPur-US certified materials
  • 100% USA Materials and Made
  • DUAL firmness…simply flip it over for a softer plush surface or again for a firmer feel
  • 15-year warranty

Why We Love the 6" Elation

Despite boasting many of the same features that make other cot mattresses on our ‘best of’ list a good buy, the Elation offers unparalleled support and a generously thick 6” build.

We especially appreciate the cooling technology, with gel-infused foam wicking away body heat while the aire-flow foam improves the dissipation of heat away from sleeping surfaces.
Rapid-recovery foam offers a glove-in-hand comfort-fitting feel without losing its firm supportive aspect. The result is a comfort-driven mattress that offers superior joint and orthopedic support without sacrificing it’s luxurious plush feel.

NOTE: In general, the thicker a mattress becomes, the more difficult it will be to fold it for storage. If storage of the mattress is important to your buying decision, we recommend one of the thinner, 4.5″ mattresses.

What Should You Consider Before Buying a Cot Mattress Online?

The market is flooded with various options for cots, offering a wide variety of functionalities, features, designs, builds and more. To help cut through the noise in the market we put together a brief outline of the most important aspects to consider when buying a cot mattress online.

Quality of the Build

Seems like a no-brainer, but you don’t always need premium top of the line quality for a mattress that perhaps will only get used once or twice a year when guests come over. On the other hand, if the cot bed will be regularly used as an extra guest bed, or for a child, quality will be a greater concern.

Cot Mattress Comfort and Features

This is a whole topic in and of itself. You’ll find a literal boatload of guides on our site to help you find the right comfort features tailored to your sleeping style, use case, and personal needs. For now, just be mindful of whether or not you sleep hot or cold, preferred levels of firmness, and the like.

Bed Size

Cots aren’t always one size fits all. Always make sure to measure the frame (if you have one) to determine the appropriate size. Similarly, if you have a sleeping platform you want something that’s going to fit without hanging over or without crowding the room.

Storage Space

Think about where the bed will be used and where you will store it when not in use. In some cases, a tuckaway, rollaway or murphy bed may be a better option.


Do you intend on moving this bed around a lot? Are you taking it when moving to a new home or apartment? Do you need to lug it up and down stairs for storage in an attic or basement? In all such cases, weight plays a big role in it’s portability.


Unless you have a rich uncle or hit the MegaMillions lottery you’ll likely have a budget in mind. Most lower-end mattresses are factory-made in mass using low quality builds and materials from overseas. These aren’t always a bad option for the rare occasion, but if you intend to use your cot more frequently or require a level of comfort that doesn’t resemble a concrete block, shelling out just a few extra dollars can go a long way.

Wondering When You Might Use a Cot Mattress? – Take a look at a few of the benefits below

Benefits of using a cot mattress


The uniquely small size of this model makes it ideal for smaller bedrooms, apartment living, and when adding an additional bed to a bedroom (such as when siblings sleep in the same room).

Room Scale

Smaller living spaces require a unique approach to furniture and layout, with most items from couches to refrigerators being undersized. An undersized or smaller bed may help stay consistent with the ‘scale’ of your furnishings.


Does your job have you moving around a lot? Are you in need of a temporary bed before making a move to your ‘forever home’? Do you foresee that your sleeping arrangements or needs may change considerably in the near future? Are you staying with friends or relatives and want to take your own bed? The small size of this mattress means you can more easily take this bed with you on the go, no matter where life takes you.


The small size of this mattress and the ability to tuck it away when not in use provides a lot of flexibility with regards to sleeping arrangements. From getting sent to ‘sleep on the couch’ by a significant other, to children’s sleepovers or visiting relatives, you can bust out the cot anytime you need.

Cot Mattresses - Final Thoughts

Made with pride right here in the USA, these mattresses take a fresh approach in an industry otherwise wrought with poor quality materials sourced from cheap overseas providers and factory-made in bulk.

Each of these mattresses uses genuine CertiPur-US certified foam that is eco-friendly, sustainably sourced, and guaranteed non-toxic. These cot mattresses are made with care, passion and a dedication to superior build quality. Handcrafted to meet your unique needs and to ensure you get the best sleep of your life, every stitch is held to the highest of standards.

Need something custom? We can help! Get the mattress of your dreams with a price tag that will have you thinking you’re still dreaming. 🙂

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