How to Choose the Best Guest Mattress for Your Visitors

Jonathan Prichard

Jonathan Prichard

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It’s said that “fish and guests smell at three days old,” but we believe the best guest mattress will make your visitors’ stay no matter how long or short less smelly!

When it comes to guest mattresses, most people (we’re guessing not you) don’t care how comfortably their guests sleep. They care about what their guests eat, what they do, where they visit, and so on.

But how they sleep? Nope.

Whether you have family that visits once a year or friends that visit more regularly, choosing the best mattress for guest room will ensure that your visitors get a good night’s sleep every night.

The best guest mattress will have superior comfort and support that’ll give your guests hotel-like luxury in a familiar place.

Choosing a Mattress Your Guest Will Love

One practical approach to picking out a mattress for your guest bed is to consider the material the mattress is made from.

Generally speaking, a mattress’s material will largely determine how the mattress feels. Some mattress types are enjoyed by a larger number of people, whereas other mattress types are only enjoyed by some. 

Memory Foam Mattresses

Contouring and a Great Choice for Side Sleepers

Made from a type of polyurethane, memory foam mattresses have different layers of foam that contour the body and slowly compress when pressure is applied.

These are ideal as a guest mattress, as they support natural curves in the spine and respond to body weight.

A memory foam mattress will allow your guests regardless of their size to slowly sink in and evenly distribute their body weight, increasing comfort.

And the best part? We can customize your mattress to any size or shape!

Do you have a sofa bed but don’t want a run-of-the-mill guest bedroom mattress? No problem! Our Deluxe Sofa Bed mattress with memory foam may be just what you need.

Hands down the best sofa bed mattress you and your guests will ever try, this flippable, eco-friendly deluxe mattress utilizes 3rd generation gel infused memory foam.

Durable, responsive, and designed to relieve tension by cushioning your pressure points!

Innerspring Mattress

Superior Support - Great for Larger Individuals

One of the most traditional types of mattresses, innerspring mattresses also known as spring mattresses have a simple design.

They use a coil support system that’s sandwiched between two thin comfort layers, as well as a high-density foam base. This offers bouncy support and is great for back sleepers as well as those who sleep hot.

Innerspring mattresses come in four types:

  • Pocketed Coils (highest quality, and great for all types of sleepers)
  • Bonnell Coils (the most basic type, and the cheapest option)
  • Continuous Coils (durable, but offer less support than other innerspring types)

If an innerspring mattress sounds great for your guest room, then why not consider our heavy duty 8” Park Meadow Pocketed Coil mattress?

This option uses an advanced coil system that conforms to the body, offering outstanding comfort and support.

Foam Mattress

Often the Most Budget Friendly Option

As the most widely used material in bedding, foam (polyurethane) is generally more responsive than memory materials and varies in quality and density.

Foam mattresses provide support and pressure relief, and are cheaper than memory foams.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly mattress for guests (without compromising on quality), then our Elation Gel Foam home mattress with organic cotton may be just the one!

This premium quality mattress comes with adjustable firmness so your guests can choose whether they like the softer or firmer side.

The gel-infused foam also ensures your guests have a cool sleeping surface whilst the luxurious, organic cotton fabric promotes air circulation and breathability — perfect for anyone that sleeps hot.

The mattress’ cushion-firm feel not only contours to body shape but also provides pressure relief, so your guests won’t wake up with aches and pains!

Latex Mattress

Best for Individuals Who Prefer a Firmer Feel

Made from the sap of the rubber tree, latex mattresses are bouncier, more breathable, and more durable than memory foam.

Plus, they aren’t only natural and eco-friendly they also offer superior benefits that will boost your guests’ sleep experience.

First off? Spinal support and pressure relief, so your guests have their pressure points cushioned.

And, since natural latex is non-toxic, getting this guest room mattress means that guests who have allergies, sensitive skin, or skin conditions (such as eczema) can sleep safely and comfortably.

Our 8.5” Natural Latex Mattress With Organic Cotton will keep your guests comfortable, safe, and happy! Or, if you have a sofa bed for your guests, our Natural Latex Sofa Bed Mattress will help them sleep like royalty without breaking the bank!

Qualities to Look for In a Mattress for Your Guest Room

We admit, it’s easier to look for a mattress for yourself than it is to look for one for your guests.

After all, people have different sleeping positions, preferences, and weight.

Having said that and no matter how varied your guests there are a few factors that are universal.

For example, a guest mattress should be as comfortable and as supportive as possible. This is because your guests whether you want them to stay longer or not need a good night’s sleep so they can wake up feeling refreshed, instead of grumpy and in pain.

So, what things should you consider when buying a guest mattress to wow your visitors? Let’s take a look at the most important factors!


When choosing a guest mattress, you should consider the size of the guest room and current bed/bed frame.

These will determine the size of guest mattress you can buy. Generally speaking, guest/spare rooms are smaller than other rooms in the house.

Mattress Support

The next thing you want to consider for your guest mattress is support.

The support layer of a mattress provides structure and zoned support for the spine, hips, and shoulders.

When choosing a mattress for guests, keep in mind that you want a mattress that supports all types of sleepers, regardless of their size or sleeping position.

The best guest room mattress should be one that strikes a perfect balance between contouring and support. It should offer pressure relief, provide edge support, and be responsive enough to change positions easily.


We know it’s not always easy to please everyone, but think about luxury hotel mattresses they do a great job of providing comfort to all types of sleepers!

You can do the same with your guest bedroom mattress.

Want to know how? The trick is to pick a mattress that’s medium to medium-firm. This way, you get the ideal comfort level that’ll please every guest even picky ones!


The best way to please everyone is to get a guest room mattress that’s medium to medium-firm — this will accommodate the broadest range of sleeping styles and preferences, as it is both supportive and comfortable.


Budget can play a big role in selecting a mattress, but it’s important to not compromise on quality.

Cheaper materials and manufacturing can seriously compromise on the integrity and life-span of your mattress, and you don’t want to have to keep buying a new one every few years!

Thankfully there are solutions out there for finding a mattress that fits great with your price-range and that also ensures a great night’s sleep — right here at MattressInsider!


When it comes to mattresses, quality is the true name of the game!

A comfortable, durable, and safe mattress should be USA made, have a good warranty, and come with a sleep guarantee.

The best guest mattress is one that’s made with quality materials, is safe to sleep on, and gives you luxury hotel-like comfort without the price tag, of course!

Consider How Often the Guest Bedroom Is being Used

You’re a great host, you know that? Otherwise you wouldn’t be spending time figuring out the best guest mattress options!

Importantly, when deciding to buy a mattress for guests, don’t forget how often the guest bedroom will be used. The less the bed will be slept on, the less you’ll need to worry about making it an expensive luxury mattress.

However, even if you don’t regularly have guests staying over, you still want to invest in a pleasant experience and durable guest mattress that will stand the test of time.

Key word here is investment!

How to Prepare the Bedroom Before Your Guests Arrive

There are three types of people: those who never have guests over, those who enjoy having guests stay over, and those who count the minutes until their guests leave!

If you’re still reading this article, then we’re guessing you enjoy having visitors over — at least once in a while.

Now that you have all the tips you need in choosing the best guest mattress for your visitors (woo-hoo!), what’s next?

Well, if you really want to wow your guests, check the following off your list!

  • Make sure your guest room is clean and tidy

We know this is a no-brainer, but if you want to give your guests a good first impression, then don’t underestimate the importance of a clean and tidy guest room.

Declutter, use fresh linens on your new guest mattress, and make sure their room smells like they’ve just stepped into a space or a luxury hotel!

  • Check the room temperature, and ensure you have enough fans and ventilation

If there’s one thing no-one likes, it’s sweaty (and smelly!) guests. Keep your guests cool by ensuring you have enough fans and ventilation so they don’t have uncomfortable stay.

  • Make sure your guests can get what they need

Guarantee your guests feel like they’re at home by making it easy for them to get what they need.

If you know you have a guest who loves fruits, for example, buy more fruits and place some in a basket in their room (or even in the kitchen where they can easily find them!). Plus, ask what you can do to make their stay more enjoyable.

  • Make sure they feel at home and comfortable in a nice, warm, and cozy atmosphere

When preparing for your guests, think like a hotel. How do hotels manage to please so many different visitors without changing things around? The answer is comfort!

How comfortable you want your guests to feel depends on you. For example, hotels have snacks and drinks in their rooms so that a guest doesn’t have to go searching (especially in the middle of the night!).

They also provide things like towels, toiletries, and even magazines or brochures that show local attractions and activities they can do. The more comfortable and convenient their guest, the less your guests will depend on you!

Bedroom Linens and Accessories to Consider Buying

We previously mentioned that it’s important to have fresh linens ready for your guests. This is something hotels do very well!

And the good news? You don’t have to spend hotel dollars to give your guests hotel-like comfort!

For example, the Liquid Gel Memory Foam Pillow has outstanding support that conforms to natural curves, so your guests can sleep pain free. Plus, its soft and awesome removable Tencel™ mesh cover has temperature and moisture-regulating comfort, all whilst the Z™ Gel not only captures but also distributes heat.

If you’re not looking to buy a new mattress but still want to pamper your guests, then why not improve their experience by getting a custom mattress topper?

This will transform your current guest room mattress (which we’re guessing isn’t comfortable!) to something worth sleeping on.

Our custom mattress toppers are designed to elevate any uncomfortable and boring mattress to one your guests (and you) will love!

Ensure Your Guests Have a Wonderful Stay

If you want to ensure that your guests have a wonderful stay, then all you have to do is see things through their eyes.

Of course, the best guest mattress will make their stay super comfortable and memorable. But how else can you ensure that your guests feel at home?

One of the best ways is by pretending like you’re a guest in your own guest room!

Spend a night in there and you’ll see whether the room is too hot, if everything they’ll need is easily accessible, and whether the room smells like a garage or nice hotel!

The more thoughtful you are about your guests and their stay, the more enjoyable their experience.

Guest mattresses should feel like they’re straight out of a luxury hotel. Browse our collection of mattresses for you and your guests’ needs, here.

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