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Jonathan Prichard

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Whether you’ve had your RV for a while — or if you’re becoming familiar with just how uncomfortable factory RV mattresses are you might be considering a new and more supportive option.

If there’s one thing you know for sure, it’s this: A restful night’s sleep is crucial in ensuring you have a great time while travelling.

Shopping for a replacement RV twin mattress might seem overwhelming, but don’t worry! With the right information and planning, finding the perfect mattress for your needs and preferences can be easy.

What Is an RV Twin Mattress?

RV Twin mattresses can be similar to a standard Twin (38 x 75) or even slightly smaller. They are meant to fit into narrow campers that have tight spaces.

However, RV mattresses don’t follow the standard sizing dimensions you would expect from the mattresses inside your home.

Size can be similar between home and RV Twins, but your camper mattress will typically have a custom cut corner to optimize on square footage.

Twin Mattresses for RVs

1. The 6″ Elation Gel Foam RV Mattress

Elation Mattress with Model Sitting on Top

The 6″ Elation Gel foam RV mattress is made specifically to give you a premium RV sleeping experience — but without breaking the bank.

It comes with a supportive base and cooling gel to help regulate your temperature during the night. Perfect for those that sleep especially hot or cold!

Plus, the organic cotton cover makes the Elation one of the best mattresses on our list for RV Twins. And this option is extra fantastic for travelers, as it comes with a simple fitting mechanism.

Price: $409 + free shipping

Mattress Highlights

  • Can be custom made to perfectly fit your space
  • Maintains your natural spinal alignment through flexible firmness and contouring
  • 15-year warranty
  • Made with excellent cooling gel to keep you temperature regulated at night
  • Free delivery across the United States

2. The 5.5” Sedona Firm RV Mattress

Sedona mattress in RV at night

The 5.5″ Sedona comes — first and foremost — with an affordable price tag, good movement reduction, and quick shape recovery.

Additionally, the organic cotton cover and hypoallergenic material ensures that people with allergies can sleep in peace without any sniffles!

This mattress is durable, and will give you a good long life of comfort inside your RV. The foam cell structure will feel great on your body, and can save you from bed sores and back spasms.

The Sedona is certified with CertiPUR-US, meaning it is sure to support your body and back throughout your adventures.

Price: $209 + free shipping

Mattress Highlights

  • Can be custom made to perfectly fit your space
  • Affordable!
  • Best for those that like a firm mattress
  • 5-year replacement warranty
  • Free delivery across the United States

3. 4.5" Deluxe Gel Mattress

Angled shot of the Deluxe memory foam mattress

The 4.5″ Deluxe Gel foam RV mattress is our best seller for RV bunks!

First off, gel foam is a great feature for a thinner mattress! It’s super comfortable, and has enough firmness to not bottom-out while supporting a full-grown adult.

This is sure to give you an amazing sleeping experience, while the shorter height also ensures it won’t take up too much space within the bunk.

Price: $329 + free shipping

Mattress Highlights

  • Can be custom made to perfectly fit your space
  • 10-year warranty
  • Made with excellent cooling gel to keep the temperature regulated at night
  • Free delivery across the United States

Why You Should Swap Out Your Stock RV Mattress

Cold hard facts — the stock mattress inside your RV isn’t great quality and can develop issues with time. Not to mention it just isn’t comfortable to sleep on.

Most stock RV mattresses are made from recycled foam or cheap fiber-fill. And this is why you can feel the wooden bars supporting the mattress underneath you.

Every one is likely to quit supporting your body over time, and this may lead to bed sores, back pain, and body aches.

Less than ideal while you’re trying to have fun on your adventures.

Instead, you can get a good and affordable RV mattress to start sleeping better.

Types of RV Mattress Available for You to Consider

There are lots of different materials available when it comes to the best RV mattress. You can run through these options to find the best fit for your sleep-needs!


Innerspring mattresses are one of the most common mattresses on the market, and are conveniently used for Twin beds.

Fundamentally, they’re made with a layer of springs and an additional layer of foam. They’re also made with hypoallergenic materials, keeping all kinds of allergies at bay.

Mattresses made out of innerspring coils are, however, made with less overall contouring. Leading to pain across pressure points.

Thankfully, you can find your perfect pocketed coil mattress right here on MattressInsider!

Memory Foam

Memory foam can also work as a good option! A quality RV memory foam mattress is able to provide good cooling and durability, without the costs associated with extra gimmicks. According to recent research, memory foam can also be good for sore joints. Memory foam was, once upon a time, considered to be hotter than some other mattress options. But, since memory foam mattresses have incorporated cooling gel technologies, they are known to be extremely comfortable to sleep on! MattressInsider can affordably custom make your ideal memory foam mattress.


Most people find a mattress made out of latex extremely enjoyable to sleep on. This is because they’ve been proven to provide exceptional cushioning and contouring.

Big bonus — they’re also super affordable for buyers on a budget!

You can find your perfect latex mattress here at MattressInsider.


A hybrid mattress is a mix of different mattress types. Most hybrid mattresses come with a combination of innerspring coil and memory foam. The innerspring coil is complemented in such mattresses with an extra layer of gel memory foam on the top. The added layer can give you multiple benefits.
For instance, a hybrid mattress which combines innerspring foam and memory gel foam, will provide you with the air relief of innerspring foam, and the pressure relief of memory foam.

You can buy our premium hybrid mattress from MattressInsider.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Twin Mattress for Your RV

Buying a Twin mattress for your RV isn’t always a walk in the park. You need to make sure that the mattress you buy meets your needs and is in line with the quality that you expect.

Follow these considerations for the best results from the process!

Measure Your Current Mattress and Space

Considering the thickness of the mattress is very important.

Mattresses come in a variety of thicknesses, but something between 7 to 8 inches usually works.

The thickness of your mattress is dependent on the materials it’s made of for example, sturdier materials tend to be thicker.

Here are the measurements you can take to check the size of the mattress:

  • The Depth: Start by measuring the depth of your RV bed, from the top of the mattress to the underside.
  • Overall Length and Width: From the head of the bed to the foot, as well side to side.
  • Mattress Platform’s Length and Width: This will give you the measurements of the maximum size your mattress can be.

The Perfect Firmness of an RV Twin Mattress

The firmness of your mattress plays an important role in determining the quality of your night’s sleep.

While there are no definite categories, the standard terms used by manufacturers include:

  • Soft — Best for side-sleepers, and those with aching joints or chronic pain.
  • Medium — Great for side-sleepers, best for those that sleep on their stomach or back.
  • Firm — Best for back sleepers.

The firmness of a mattress can also be important regarding a person’s body weight. Lighter people will typically find firmer mattresses to be less comfy, while heavier people will typically find soft mattresses to be less supportive and therefor less comfortable.

This, in turn, will also affect to the durability of the mattress.

Heavier people will want a coil base that will prolong the mattress’s life and keep it from sagging, keeping you comfortable and without the necessity of replacing your mattress much earlier than you should!

A Cool Mattress Is a Must

70% percent of people surveyed in recent research mentioned that they’re unable to sleep well in higher temperatures.

Besides lowering the thermostat and keeping the windows open, you can also invest in a mattress that has integrated temperature regulation — such as a cooling gel.

This will actively generate its own cooling while also dissipating any trapped heat. Ensuring you sleep comfy!

Consider investing in gel memory foam — whether a topper or a full mattress — for added coolness.

Accessories to Consider for Your RV Mattress

RV Mattress Sheets

Most standard sheet sizes will not fit your Twin bunks, so you’ll need custom RV sheets.

MattressInsider can create custom sizes perfect for your specific needs, including cut corners!

RV Mattress Protectors

A mattress protector is s great investment for your brand new custom made mattress. This will protect against any accidents that may happen in the middle of the night.

We offer custom made encasements for any size!

It’s Never Too Late to Revamp Your RV Bed

A good night’s sleep during your travels is essential.

Your RV should come with a decent mattress to help you sleep at night, but unfortunately this isn’t usually the case.

Thankfully, you can affordably create your very own custom mattress with us!

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