Travel Trailer Mattresses

Should You Consider Memory Foam?

In the previous article, we talked about why you should, and why you shouldn't, purchase an innerspring travel trailer mattress. But what about opting for memory foam?

Here are a few reasons why (we feel) it's better to purchase a memory foam travel trailer mattress over an innerspring model.

Superior Support. 
Unlike innerspring travel trailer mattresses which use a cheap bonnel coil unit (which is barely capable of providing support for people of even average weight), memory foam travel trailer mattresses "do away" with coils altogether. Instead, they are constructed with a special formula of high density base foam capable of supporting average to above average weight. This is the same type of base foam used in the famous Tempurpedic® mattresses that you see on the late night infomercials.

Comfort! Comfort! Comfort!
Instead of using a cheap low density urethane or fiber fill foam, our memory foam travel trailer mattresses use our famous cool channel Eco-Memory foam which cradles your body, relieves pressure points, and increases blood circulation!

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