Sofa MattressSofa Mattress

What Should You Choose?

A Memory Foam Sofa Mattress

or a Latex Sofa Mattress?


This is probably the most frequently asked question we get from our customers. The answer is not very surprising. And that is...It depends on what your needs are!

Both memory foam and latex offer far superior comfort and support over your existing innerspring or coil sofa mattress.
To decide between the two, the most important question to ask is how do you want the mattress to feel? Hard, Soft, or Medium? THAT question is best asked by this NEXT question...

Who Is Sleeping on It? The Occasional Overnight Guest or You?
The Occasional Guest:
If it's for the occasional guest, we would suggest our memory foam sofa mattress. Why? When a variety of people are going to be sleeping on it, it's best not to go with something very hard or very soft. The 4 lb soy plant memory foam in our Deluxe Sofa Mattress with Memory Foam offers that feeling of "not too hard, not too soft, just right...."
Now on the other hand, if you're sleeping on it, you need to determine if you like a medium firm feel or a hard feel. If you are like a medium firm feel, you'd want to go with the sofa mattress with memory foam we just discussed. However, if you're someone who likes something more towards the firmer side with just enough cushion for comfort, we'd suggest going with our Natural Latex Sofa Mattress. Unlike memory foam which tends to contour around your body, a latex sofa mattress will spring back to it's original shape instantaneously.
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