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Sofa Bed Replacement Mattresses: Wholesale Orders

Sofa Bed Replacement Mattress Wholesale

Volume Discount Program
Are you in need of several sofa bed replacement mattresses for your hotel, motel, resort, inn, or B&B? offers special pricing for any company needing to place a bulk order. Whether you need only a few or several 100 replacement sofa bed mattresses, we can accommodate any size order. 

  • Transform your back-breaking sofa beds into luxury sleep systems with our revolutionary sofa bed replacement mattresses!
  • Eliminate the complaints from your guests at a very affordable price! 
“Wow! What an improvement in quality over what we had before. We no longer get complaints from our guests about feeling the metal bar! Everyone is saying our sofa bed mattresses are more comfortable then our regular beds!”
—Sarah D.; Hotel Owner; Catalina Island, CA

Call us today for a free quote: 888-488-1468

Our Low Pricing Secret
Or low pricing is due to our unique packing and shipping system. We use technologically advanced patented machines to compress and roll your mattress in the factory down to a 1/4 of it’s normal size. This significantly cuts down on your shipping costs and makes for easy installation without causing any damage or defect to your sofa bed mattress.

To protect your mattress during transit, it’s wrapped in dense plastic and then sealed into a corrugated box. For small orders we can UPS the mattresses to your establishment. For large orders, we can palletize the sofa bed mattresses and ship them via motor freight for maximum cost savings. All of our price quotes will include shipping. 

“You’ve converted our sofa beds from torture devices into sleep havens! Thank you!
-David P.; B&B Owner; Camden, Maine

What Kind of Replacement Sofa Mattresses Do You Offer?
Whether you are a 5 Star hotel or an economy motel, we have a variety of different quality levels to suit your needs.

For hotels/motels we suggest our Deluxe Sofa Bed Mattress with Memory Foam because of it’s cushion firm, contouring, and supportive feel. This provides a happy medium for the variety of different guests that will be staying at your establishment.

Our other options include our Eco-Friendly Luxury Sofa Bed Replacement mattress with Latex or our economical urethane foam Traditional Sofa Bed Replacement Mattress . Whichever you chose, rest assured that each model does a superb job of suppressing the feel of that uncomfortable metal bar. 

“I wish we new about you guys a few years ago! Thanks for the excellent service!”
-Sasha L.; Inn Manager; Block Island, RI

Try One Risk Free For 30 Days!
We understand that you may want to try one of our models before you buy a few dozen. With that in mind, we have come up with a special offer available only to our wholesale customers.

If you wish to purchase just one model to start, we will let you try it risk free for 30 days. If you decide it’s not right for your establishment, we will allow you to donate it to a local church or charity and we’ll issue you a full no questions asked refund!

Simply inform us by phone or email that you don’t wish to keep it and then fax us a receipt from the charity showing your donation. Your full refund will be processed within 24 hours. As you might guess, we couldn’t afford to do this unless we were offering a superior product!

Call us today for a free quote: 888-488-1468

What Sizes Do You Carry?
The most popular sizes ordered are queen (60×72 and 58×72), full (54×72 and 52×72), twin (38×72 and 35×72), and single (24×72). With that being said, we can manufacturer almost any size you can dream up. We recently did a sofa bed mattress measuring 46 x 68 x 2 for an antique sofa bed!

Installation Takes Only 5 Minutes
When the mattress arrives, it will only take your staff approximately 5 minutes to setup each sofa bed replacement mattress. They simply remove the product from the box, take off the plastic, and then unroll it on to the frame. The mattress will expand to it’s final thickness on it’s own within about 2-3 hours. Your guests can sleep on them the same night!

Discover what everyone is talking about! Give us a call and see why is America’s number one supplier for sofa bed replacement mattresses! Call us today for a free quote: 888-488-1468

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