Who Else Wants to Try a Really Comfortable Sofa Bed Mattress? Or...


"This mattress is not only the best sofa bed mattress I've ever slept on, it's now the most comfortable mattress I have in the entire house. Funny enough, I actually look forward to my wife kicking me out of the bedroom!!"
-- Eric Lindsey , West New York, NJ

Dear Friend,

You and I both know that your sofa bed mattress is probably on the verge of breaking your back. The metal bar found in traditional sofa bed mattresses makes everyone want to scream!

Luckily, you've stumbled across the first luxurious (but affordable) Memory Foam Sofa Bed Mattress that is COMFORTABLE and designed for every night use!

You're probably thinking....a comfortable sofa bed mattress? Yeah right. They don't exist! Well the truth is, they didn't exist....until now. This mattress is so comfortable that in the last 11 months, it has taken the hotel industry by storm. It can now be found in numerous luxury hotels and 5 star resorts!

What makes this soft bed mattress so much better than every other sofa bed mattress? I'm glad you asked! Our sofa bed mattress uses proprietary foam that was originally developed by NASA to help cushion the seats of astronauts during re-entry into the atmosphere.

This space-age foam provides maximum support and pressure point relief in all sleeping and sitting positions. 20 years ago a manufacturer named Tempurpedic® took this technology and created the worlds first memory foam mattress. Our PROPRIETARY memory foam sofa bed mattress has all the benefits of a Temperpedic®, but it is the FIRST to be engineered to fit into a sofa bed!

Instantly turn your sofa bed mattress into 'The Most Comfortable Mattress in The Entire House!'

"What a difference this mattress makes! By far the most comfortable mattress I've slept on. The mattress arrived in about a week, and it was a no-brainer to setup."
-- John Davidson, East Hampton, NY

  • Available in Queen Size, Full Size, Twin Size, and Custom Sizes
  • No More Uncomfortable Metal Bar in Your Back!
  • Our foams are.....

Made in the USA and under goes stringent quality control tests (beware of foam that is made overseas as there are no quality control standards!)

  • Open Cell Structure ensures maximum breathablity so you....WON'T OVERHEAT!
  • Unique memory foam design compresses when you close it...so it fit's 99% of sofa beds!
  • Maintenance Free Design...no need to turn or flip!
  • Your sofa bed mattress will have a Soft Luxury Knit Cover that is...

Dust Mite Resistant, Hypoallergenic, Anti-Bacterial and it can be...Zippered Off For Easy Washing!

The world is over polluted as it is...so our memory foam sofa bed mattress is engineered to be 30% Soy Based making it....


"I'm actually sleeping on my sofa bed mattress more than my regular mattress! How crazy is that?! No more metal bar poking me in my back! Thanks Again!"
--Natalie Greenwood, NY, NY

Limited Time Offer:
100 Day No Questions Asked, Hassle Free Refund Policy!
We understand that sometimes what you order doesn't work out. We are so confident that you will find this to be the most comfortable sofa bed mattress you've ever tried that we'll give you 100 days to try It out, risk free.


Of course...every new mattress always has a break in period. We recommend that you give it at least 2 weeks to try. If you don't like it, simply contact us for an RMA number before you ship it back.

As long as the mattress is returned to us with no spills, stains, rips, tears, or holes, we will issue you a full refund (we donate the returned mattresses to charity so we ask that they be returned in good condition). Although you will be responsible for the return shipping costs, we will refund you every dime you've paid to us.

Limited Time Offer:

For a limited time...we are willing to cover the shipping costs for you! This saves you $75! Your sofa bed mattress will ship out factory direct anywhere in the lower 48 states.

Many places make you wait 3-4 Weeks when you order something online. You will receive your sofa bed mattress in 10-14 days! 

*We can also ship to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico... for those locations...please contact us for a shipping quote at 888-488-1468

How Do I Order?
Ok, everything sounds good....now how do I order? To order, simply Click Here to be sent to sur secure ordering page.

....you will be asked to select your size and then complete a simple "one page" checkout process.

You can also call us to place your order over the phone by dialing 888-488-1468

What if I have questions? Don't worry...we are very friendly, informative, and will not pressure you...we would more than happy to answer any questions you have in detail.

Because of this limited time offer, we do expect to be getting a high volume of calls. If all of our sales reps are on the phone when you call...please leave a message with your name and the best time to call you back and I promise we will get back to you that same day (even if I have to call you back myself!).

I look forward to shipping you the most comfortable sofa bed mattress you will ever sleep on (or your money back!).

Jonathan Prichard
Mattress Insider LLC

PS: Don't forget, if you don't like it for any reason...or even for no reason....we will give you a no questions asked refund within 100 Days!

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