Knitting and purl stitching are fun, and you can learn how to knit blankets and mattress comforters, which are both very practical.


Learn to Knit Blankets, Mattress Comforters, and More!

Knitting-or the process of weaving fiber into cloth with two or more needles-is a craft that has been around for centuries. It is generally agreed upon that knitting can be traced back to the Middle East, where it spread across Europe and, eventually, to the Americas. In fact, the oldest example of a knitted garment is a pair of socks that originated in ancient Egypt. In the 1400s, knitting guilds became common practice. They were primarily composed of men and focused on improving and maintaining the quality of fashionable knits. It is well-known that intricately knitted stockings were a very popular item in the 17th century, and existing stockings can be found today in museums. After the Industrial Revolution made mass production of garments possible, knitting became more of a hobby than a necessary skill.

The most basic tools of the trade are a pair of knitting needles (these can be straight or circular, depending on pattern specifications), a ball of yarn, a stitch marker to place at the beginning of rows, scissors, and a sewing needle for weaving in ends. It is also useful to have a ruler on hand, as well as a crochet hook to pick up dropped stitches. Needle size will be determined by the weight and fiber of the yarn-for example, bulky yarn requires a larger needle, while smaller needles will be used for fingering weight.

There are two main styles of knitting: Continental and English. Knitting Continental style means that the working yarn is held in the left hand, while English style refers to holding the yarn in the right hand and wrapping it around the right needle in order to create stitches. After learning how to cast on, beginning knitters must master the knit and purl stitch. They will then be able to create projects that involve garter stitch (knitting every stitch) and stockinette stitch (knitting one row, then purling the next). Once a knitter learns how to bind off, he or she is ready to tackle patterns suited for beginners.


Craft Yarn Council

The CYC includes how-to information for new and experienced knitters, as well as guides for those interested in teaching.

Knitting Help

A comprehensive site with many video tutorials for basic stitches, casting on and off, increasing, decreasing, and advanced techniques.

Learn to Knit from Bernat

A download-able instruction guide for basic knitting techniques.

Knitsimple Magazine

The official site for Knitsimple, a magazine full of interesting knitting patterns and instructions for beginning, intermediate, and advanced knitters.

Vogue Knitting International

Vogue Knitting magazine's website has a number of helpful resources, such as a yarn store database, free patterns, and a "stitchionary."

All Free Knitting

A list of free knitting tutorials and patterns.


Knitty is an online resource for free knitting patterns, tutorials, and related articles.

The Knitting Guild Association

Learn how to knit with a download-able tutorial, take a correspondence course, or find a local TKGA guild.

Craft Cookie

This resource includes a list of common knit stitches with free patterns and tutorials.

Knit Picks

Buy yarn and other knitting materials, or watch one of their many video tutorials.

Beginning Knitting (PDF)

A download-able instruction guide including a list of common knitting materials and an illustrated tutorial for basic stitches.

Patternworks Beginners Corner

This website offers a selection of beginner's books, tools, and patterns.

Purchase a variety of yarn by weight, color, fiber, or company.


Features discount yarn and other knitting accessories.

Troubleshooting - Knitting

A download-able guide with troubleshooting tips for common knitting problems.

Tips for Knitting the Right Gauge

Instructions to help new knitters understand how to knit in the correct gauge.


This is a popular social networking site for knitters. Browse through hundreds of free patterns, join a group, or ask questions in a forum.

Stitch Diva Knitting Tutorials

A list of tutorials explaining several common stitches and knitting techniques. Includes instructions for shaping and picking up stitches.

Knitting For Victory - World War II

Learn about the history of knitting during the second World War.

Knitting Meetups

Search by your zip code to find a local knitting group.

How To Knit

An illustrated guide to knitting from Martha Stewart.

Knitting Thesaurus

An alphabetical list of common terms and abbreviations used in knitting.

Knitter's Reference Desk

A collection of general and in-depth resources for those new to knitting.

Stitch Gallery - Knit Stitches

A picture gallery of various knit stitches. Includes basket weave, chevrons, and rib stitches.


A list of knitting resources with links to videos, blogs, podcasts, and charity knitting information.

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