Most Googled Mattress Brands of 2019

The 20 Most Googled Mattress Brands of 2020

It’s no secret that there are a gazillion options when it comes buying a mattress.

If you’re like me, you begin your search by trying to identify what everyone else is buying.

We ask family and friends for recommendations.

We look at customer reviews on products we’re interested.

We watch unboxing videos on YouTube.

However, there is another piece of data you may not have considered.

Google Monthly Search Volume

Using 3rd party tools, we can estimate the number of searches a mattress brand gets in an average month.

Do that for a bunch of brands, and then rank them in terms of search volume, and you can see who’s the most popular.

That’s exactly what I set out to do.

Using a variety of online sources, I came up with a list of 48 mattress companies and I identified their highest traffic search term using the paid agency version of Ahrefs Keyword Explorer.

Before I began, I suspected the results would be dominated by the big “S” brands Sealy, Simmons, Serta, and Sleep Number.

Surprisingly, only two of those brands made the top 5 for Google search volume.

Take a look at my findings below:

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Note: Ahrefs Keyword data was queried on 3/2/20


  • “Purple mattress” (437k) and “Casper mattress” (341k) get the most Google searches each month by far.  Sleep Number (180k) comes in at a distant 3rd.  4th and 5th places went to Tuft and Needle (136k ) and Tempurpedic (113k) respectively.
  • With the exception of Sleep Number, the main “S” brands that account for 90% of the domestic mattress sales get very little Google search volume:  Sealy Posturepedic (23k), Simmons (37k), and Serta (37k).
  • After 7th place Leesa, the search volume drops off dramatically for the remaining brands by at least 56%.

To state the obvious, this chart is not a ranking of mattress sales or revenue.  In fact, as of 2018, online mattress sales still only account for 10% of total sales.  That according to the report E-Commerce in the Mattress Industry, 2019: A World Overview put together by

That means the big “S” brands and Tempurpedic which sell primarily in “brick and mortar” stores are still dominating the mattress industry in revenue.  I suspect that their customer base is searching for retailers instead of specific brands.  Searches like “Mattress Firm” or “Denver Mattress”.

How did I come up with these numbers?

  1. First I compiled a list of around 48 mattress brands that I could find on the web.  Brands I found on sites like The Mattress Underground and over a dozen other mattress review websites.
  2. Brands that don’t focus exclusively on mattresses were eliminated from the list (ex: Ikea)
  3. Next I used Ahrefs Keyword Explorer to identify the highest volume keyword for each of the brands.  For example:  Casper’s was “Casper Mattress” and not “Casper” or “Casper Bed”.
  4. Brands which I found had a very generic main keyword, where the search intent wasn’t clear, were also eliminated from the list.  For example, the query “Bed in a Box” (51k) might be someone looking for the retailer/manufacturer or they might be searching for bed in a box type mattresses which is a category in itself).
  5. Sorted by average monthly Google Search volume according to Ahrefs Keyword Explorer.
  6. The 20 brands with the highest average monthly search volume made the final cut.  Note:  The brands that didn’t make the cut and their monthly volume are listed at the end of this article.


1) I mentioned earlier that I didn’t include Ikea because they don’t focus exclusively on mattresses.  “Ikea Mattress” gets an average of 39k searches per month.  If we included them, they’d be in 11th place.

2) was also not included because their main keyword is also synonymous with the category of bed in a box style mattresses which most of the brands in the chart fall into (ie most offer mattresses in a box).  The search volume for “bed in a box” is 51,000.  If we assumed the search intent for “bed in a box” was for, that would put them in 8th place.

Here are the brands that made the top 20:

Brand Search Volume

Brand Name Volume
Purple Mattress               437,000
Casper Mattress               341,000
Sleep Number               180,000
Tuft and Needle               136,000
Tempurpedic               113,000
Nectar Mattress               106,000
Leesa Mattress               101,000
Zinus                 44,000
Lull                 42,000
Saatva                 42,000
Helix Mattress                 31,000
Ghostbed                 28,000
Amerisleep                 27,000
Bear Mattress                 24,000
Brookly Bedding                 23,000
Avacado Mattress                 23,000
Layla Mattress                 17,000

Here are the brands which didn’t make the cut:

Bed in a box 51,000
Ikea mattress 39,000
Nest Bedding 14000
Tulo Mattress 11000
Allswell Mattress 7000
Linenspa 6400
Cocoon mattress 5800
Restonic mattress 5300
Kingsdown mattress 5100
Winkbed 4400
Spring Air 4200
Novosbed 4200
Englander mattress 3600
Plushbeds 3300
Corsicana mattress 3200
Tomorrow mattress 3100
Therapedic mattress 2800
Symbol 2800
Ashley Furniture 2700
King Koil 2500
Signature sleep 2500
Classic brands 2300
Southerland 1900
Mattress Insider 1600
Aviya mattress 1200
E.S. Kluft 1100
Sherwood mattress 800
Eclipse 700
Boyd specialty sleep 600
Paramount 200

Most Googled Mattress Brands

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