How To Purchase A Cut Corner RV Mattress | Buying Guide [2023]

There’s no denying that RVs are the golden way to live on the road. Apart from the fact that RVs are an exciting way to live, they can help you save from an expensive hotel night. However, they’re fitted with unique furniture you won’t typically find in a traditional home.

Most RVs and campers shape their furniture to maximize the living space. Additionally, you wouldn’t want to keep bumping into the furniture. That’s why RV beds often have angled corners – to allow easy movement.

However, getting a similarly angled mattress is challenging. The best option is customizing your corner-cut RV mattress, and this article will discuss precisely how to do it.

Mattress Size Versus the Platform

Each vehicle’s RV platforms differ depending on the design and features. Some are corner-cut, while others are curved along the walls. An ill-fitted mattress may move suddenly, causing accidents. Moreover, things can get stuck in unfilled spaces if your mattress is not shaped like the platform.

Some campers have a low platform, while others are high from the ground. If you don’t consider the platform height when buying a mattress, you may not have enough space to sit up.

Different Types Of Corner Cuts

Now arriving at our main discussion, most RV beds are corner cut for better adjustment. A recreational vehicle has various furnishings, cabinets, and appliances, among other things. Often there’s no proper square or rectangle area for a four-cornered bed.

This is why different types of corner cuts are employed, including:

Angle Cuts

Angle corner cuts a slice off a corner in a straight line. That means if a four-cornered bed has an angle cut on one corner, it now has five corners. The piece cut would be triangular.

Moreover, you might have to cut more than one corner off for accommodation. Angle cuts can be made on any side using just one clean slice for each corner.

Radius Cuts

As the term suggests, Radius makes curved cuts at any or all corners. Radius corner cuts usually accommodate curved RV walls. However, a radius corner cut can be a style feature as well.

If done on all corners, it can make a traditional square or rectangle bed into an oval or a circle. Furthermore, if a radius cut is at two corners, it can make your bed D-shaped.

Hence, the irregular insides of an RV make for unique beds. That makes the one-size-fits-all method unsuitable when choosing mattresses.

Notched Cuts

Notches use a 90-degree angle to customize a bed according to the given space. Notches corner cuts use two cuts instead of one. It’s like cutting a square or a rectangle out of a bed corner.

Notches make a four-cornered bed into a six-cornered one. Depending upon the available space, you can create varying cuts at one or all corners if needed.

Can You Use a Regular Camper Mattress Without a Cutout?

Whether you can use a regular camper mattress instead of a corner-cut one depends on your RV.

You can use a regular RV mattress if your camper bed is a traditional rectangle. However, if it has uncommon corners, a standard mattress would be ill-suited.

Your mattress won’t fit the space properly, leaving for potentially entrapping spaces. Furthermore, the ill-fitting can make the mattress sway or fall off. Given how RVs don’t have traditional stationary rooms, the mattresses are prone to more movement.

Ultimately, you’ll have to cut the mattress, which can be a huge hassle.

Should You Cut the Mattress On Your Own?

Making your own custom mattress can be challenging.

For starters, you’ll have to find the right tools and methods to cut it. Measuring the dimensions and searching for the correct way of cutting can be time-consuming. Not to mention, you’ll also have to deal with the mess afterward. The effort might not be worth it for some people.

Moreover, sloppy cuts can harm your mattress in the long run. It may ruin its quality and make it more susceptible to damage. Another thing worth mentioning is that you can cut a foam mattress yourself but cutting an innerspring correctly is extremely difficult. 

Measuring Irregularly Sized RV Bed Area Accurately

Some recreational vehicles come with standard bed sizes, saving you from making complicated calculations. However, there’s an extensive range of RVs that comes with corner cut beds.

Remember to measure the mattress platform! Also, consider measuring the space between the bed and the RV wall. This will show you how much wiggle room you have.

Here’s how you can measure different aspects of an RV bed.

Measuring Length

For starters, measure the bed from head to foot from the side that doesn’t have a cut corner. Use a tape measure or a ruler to do so. Place the tip of your instrument on one corner and extend it to the other. Note down the number. This is your length.

Measuring Width

Next, measure your bed from one side to the other. You can measure from the expanse of the bed head side. This is the width of your RV bed.

Measuring a Cut Corner

Now, for the cut corner, you’ll have to take three measurements. Let’s call these sides A, B, C, and D.

For an example of a bottom left cut corner:

  • First, measure the A side along the length of the left side of the bed from the head down till the start of the cut corner.
  • Next, measure the B side, which is the Head of the bed.
  • Then, measure the C side along the right side of the bed down to the corner.
  • Lastly, measure the D side, along the foot of the bed’s width from the bottom right corner  across to the start of the cut.

Measuring a Radius Corner

The radius corner-cut is the most tricky one to measure. You can use a carpenter’s square for accuracy. You can use two intersecting measuring tapes to get both curved sides as well.

  • Place the square along the curved corner.
  • Measure the distance from the inner V corner of the tool to where it touches the mattress.
  • From here, extend and measure both points from where the mattress curves.

Measuring a Notched Corner

A notch corner cut would be measured the same, except you’ll have a 6th corner for the 90 degrees angle. It can also be measured by a carpenter’s square, which is an L-shaped tool to measure right angles. Place it on the side notch corner and measure both angle arms.

Why It’s Important to Measure Your RV Bed’s Dimensions

Now that you know the advantages of buying a customized mattress, you’ll need to measure the bed’s dimensions first.

Measuring accurately is extremely important if you’re paying a bit more to get a customized one. If you measure wrong, the ultimate product might become ill-fitted.

What’s more, manufacturers highly emphasize getting the correct measurements because they don’t refund if a mistake is on your end. All your money could potentially go down the drain.

Additionally, making a customized mattress takes time. If you’re on a schedule and the arrived product doesn’t fit, it can set you back in terms of both your money and time.

Then there’s also the risk of cramping space even more. A mattress that doesn’t fit your RV bed dimensions can protrude and cause injuries. We’ve already reiterated the risk of mattress movement in case of a wrong-sized mattress.

So, measure the bed’s dimension carefully to save yourself from trouble.

How to Make Sure You Buy the Best-Fitting Mattress

A mattress that suits your preferences and provides optimum comfort is your perfect mattress. You can buy your dream mattress by taking into account the dimensions, height, and material of the mattress.

Go for a customized one for the most accurate fit. Here’s how you can order a customized mattress.

  1. Choose your ideal mattress type. Manufacturers offer various options in terms of price, material, and build.
  2. Next, select the size of your mattress. Here you’ll put the measured length and width.
  3. After that, choose which custom corner cut you require and enter its dimensions.
  4. Another important thing is to remember which corner is the cut corner. Add if it’s top right, top left, bottom right, or bottom left.

Furthermore, consider the door size of your RV to ensure that a mattress can get through, though most mattresses will come compressed and rolled.

Measure The Dimensions Correctly

Measuring accurately is the key to buying the best fitting mattress. You’ll have to measure the platform and the wiggle space to ensure that the mattress rests comfortably.

Double check your measurements to avoid any future troubles. Use the method mentioned above to measure the A, B, C, and D sides of corner-cut mattresses.

Lastly, remember not to be too rigid when measuring. You need some room to maneuver the mattress over the bed. A too tight fit may be challenging to place on the bed.

Allow For Customized Covers, Toppers, And Sheets

For a best-fitting mattress, consider investing in custom mattress covers, toppers, and sheets. While regular sheets can cover corner cuts, customized sheets can make for an even better fit.

Similarly, toppers can enhance comfort, which is much-needed for lengthy rides. A customized topper can provide comfort without extending out from the corner-cut side.

Moreover, customized mattress covers protect your mattress from dust and ensure longevity. Go for the ones that provide breathability and avoid any moisture built-up, which can attract mites and mold.

Where to Buy an RV Mattress With Corner Cuts

Finding a perfect corner-cut mattress can be difficult. However, various US mattress manufacturers provide you with customized mattresses that come with corner cut options.

You can choose your desired dimensions and types of corner cuts. Some manufacturers provide only angle corner cuts, while others offer notches and radius cut customization.

They give you lots of other options as well, such as mattresses specifically designed to treat back pains, including both luxurious and economical options.

Fit The Perfect Corner Cut Mattress For Your Recreational Vehicle

While life on the road is thrilling, it can also be extremely exhausting. RVs become your home for multiple days on end. An ill-fitting mattress extending from a corner cut bed can vastly limit maneuverability.

Furthermore, RV mattresses are notorious for being uncomfortable and low quality. Getting the perfect corner-cut mattress can help you avoid all these issues. Now that you know all about corner cuts and how to measure them, you can make an informed decision regarding the perfect corner-cut mattress. Don’t let poor mattresses take away your RVing excitement.

If you have any questions about cut corner RV mattresses, let us know! We’re more than happy to help.

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