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Referral / Affiliate Programs

We have 2 ways you can participate in earning commissions for completed sales.

We have the referral program, and the affiliate program.

Mattress Sales Referral Program

If you are an individual or small business who would like to refer people to MattressInsider, we will pay you 5% of whatever amount they purchase through online sales, after clicking your link.

We pay referral partners monthly, and pay directly to your PayPal account.
Our referral program is managed through Referral Candy.

To get started earning fantastic commissions with our mattress referral program (managed through Referral Candy), click here.

Please note: With the referral program, we don’t have a way to track orders placed over the phone (for referral partners).
However, any web-based orders will be commissioned at 5%.

Mattress Affiliate Program

The Mattress Insider affiliate program works a bit differently than our mattress referral program.
You must qualify for this program, so contact us and tell us some details about yourself if you think you may qualify.

Generally speaking, if you are a business or person with ties to the mattress industry, or someone who can refer a lot of potential customers, we would love to invite you to become a mattress affiliate partner.

We provide you with a unique coupon or discount code, and build you a custom page and link.
(You can see an example of this here:

The advantage of becoming an affiliate partner (as opposed to a mattress sales referral partner) is that we work with you to set custom amounts on how much you are commissioned and how much discount your referred customers receive.
Additionally, we can track orders placed by your referrals over the phone (through your unique discount code).

If you have ties to the mattress industry (i.e. you’re a mattress company looking for someone who can provide your customers with custom mattress sizes and shapes), or if you feel you can send a high level of traffic, contact us today to see if you qualify to be a custom affiliates.