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Questions? We're open! Call us! 888-488-1468
Questions? We're open! Call us! 888-488-1468

Any Size. Any Shape.

Colorado Mattress Store

Are you ready for a completely different way to buy a mattress in Littleton, Lakewood, Highlands Ranch, and the greater Denver area?


For close to 100 years, mattress stores have been selling their beds using the same business model.


So when I decided to open a showroom 5 years ago, I knew I had to completely revamp the entire shopping model.


I wanted it to be fun. 


I wanted it to be such a unique experience, people couldn't help but tell their friends about it. 


Now, before I get into what we do that is so radically different...


...let's briefly discuss what happens at a typical Colorado mattress store.


You walk through the doors, and then you're greeted with a sea of white beds. Often, they all look the same.

  • Most are over priced.
  • The coupons, discounts, promotions, and sales are usually fake.
  • You can't see what you're really getting under the cover of the mattress, because the mattress is sewn shut.
  • They use fancy made up names for the components that were put together by their marketing department.
  • The names of the mattresses change from store to store to confuse you.


Let's face it.

That shopping experience is not fun.


So here's what I did to FIX that. 😉


  • Imagine getting to design & create your very own mattress with the help of a mattress expert.
  • You get to see, touch, smell, and taste ( tasting!) all the materials that go into your bed
  • The prices are very reasonable (Queen usually runs between $499-$999)
  • You get a 121 night comfort guarantee.  If you're not happy after trying it for 30 days, you can return it for a refund.


Introducing, the Create-a-Mattress showroom by Mattress Insider (get it? get to see what's INSIDE your mattress!)


Here's how it works:

1) Your mattress artisan will ask you a series of questions to understand your needs.  

2) You'll choose your support system (a high density foam base or pocket coils).

3) Next, you and your mattress expert will work together to design the comfort layer of your bed.
The comfort layer, is the layer that makes you go "oooo....ahhhh...that feels amazzzzing".


You'll get to pick and choose from different types of materials from racks that are on wheels.


And the materials won't have fancy marketing words (who needs copper infused butternut squash foam??? ....kidding...that doesn't exist)


They're components like: memory foam, gel, latex, polyurethane foam, high density foam, and organic cotton.


4) Once you've decided on your design, you'll place your order.  We take all major credit cards, Paypal, and we can do financing.


5) Our expert artisans will build your mattress from scratch, we'll compress it, roll it up, and then FedEX it to your door.  When it arrives, simply remove it from the packaging, and give it a few hours to decompress back to it's original size.


Does that all sound good?  Great!  All you need to do is schedule an appointment!


Just visit our Denver Mattress Showroom (by appointment only) page and setup an appointment.


Hey Jonathan!  I noticed that you have a lot of unique sizes on your website.  Can you do custom?


Yes we can!  If you own an RV, boat, truck, sofa bed, aircraft, round bed, etc we do all the weird sizes and shapes those require too!


So that's it!  Are you ready for a really unique mattress shopping experience?  Click on the link today to book an appointment!


Jonathan Prichard
Founder & CEO of Mattress Insider

“After researching the internet, I came across your site and was impressed with your customer reviews and prices. I ordered the Deluxe Sofa Bed Mattress and it is everything you said it would be.”

Thanks again!
Sarah Hoffner




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