RV Bunk Mattresses :

How to Replace Those Terrible Mattresses in Your RV Bunk Bed

rv bunk bed mattressYour RV bunk mattresses are uncomfortableusually because they're providing little to no support due to the poorquality components inside.

Believe it or not, the components in an average dog bed are usuallybetter quality. Most OEM RV and camper bunk mattresses arecomposed of 2-3" of cheap fiber padding which begins to break downafter only a few uses. It cost the RV manufacturer next tonothing, but the end user (you) gets to suffer with a mattressbottoming out on the plywood after only a few weeks of use.

Below is a photo taken showing the "guts" of the most popular OEM rv bunk mattress found in RV's (made by a company out of Indiana). Fiber pads are usually composed of scrap material blended into a pad consistency. You can easily pancake this material with your fingers which is why it offers you no support and why you usually feel the plywood surface underneath.+



camper bunk bed mattress

If you haven't determined the width, length and height required foryour new mattress, read the next few paragraphs. Otherwise, click hereto read about our most popular replacement camper bunk mattress replacements for RVs andcampers.




How to Measure

rv bunk mattress sizesObtainthe length and width (in inches) for your RV bunk mattressreplacement by measuring the plywood surface the mattress will lie on. Plywood measurements are more accurate thenmeasuring an old mattress which could have changed in sizeover the years due to normal wear as well as temperature fluctuationsduring storage.

Common Sizes:



  • 28"x75"
  • 30"x75"
  • 30"x80"
  • 32"x79"
  • 34"x75"
  • 35"x79"
  • 38"x75"
  • 38"x80"
  • 42"x80"
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Mattress Height. Decideon the desired height for your new bunk mattress. The thickerthe mattress, the more room there is to fit comfort and support layers. With that being said, bunk beds in motor homes, campers,fifth wheels, travel trailers, toy haulers, and camper vans tend tohave very minimal headclearance. You'll want, at minimum, 24"between the top of your new mattress and the top bunk (or theceiling if you're replacing the mattress on the top bunk). Bunk mattress heights usually range between 4.5" - 8" indepth (we can make any size or depth upon request).



Replacement Options

Most of the mattresses on our website can be made in bunk bed sizes. We can make mattressesin any height ranging from 2" all the way up to 16" thick!

Here are what most of ourcustomers tend to order for RV and camper bunks:

Our most popular mattress for RV bunks is the 5.5"Elation Cool-Max Gel Foam RV Mattress. It's doublesided with one side having a medium feel and the other side having moreof a firm type of feel. It can be made in any size or shape. You can view that product by clicking here.

If you have room for an 8" mattress, take a look at our 8"Luxury Cool-Max Gel Foam RV Mattress. It's verysimilar to the Tempurpedic and Serta iComfort mattresses you see on TVall the time, but it's designed for RVs and made in RV sizes.

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Fitted and Flat Sheets for Camper Bunk Mattresses

Are you looking for linens designed to fit a bunk mattress? Check out our 1000 TC Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set! Click here.