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A Comprehensive List of the Most Popular Mattress Sizes

We've compiled a list of the most common mattress sizes available along with a detailed description. MattressInsider.com can make any mattress size on this page in addition to any custom mattress size. If you don't see the size you're looking for, give us a call at 888-488-1468.

Twin Size: 39" x 75"

RV Bunk Size: 34" x 75", 28" x 75"

Twin Long Size: (Twin XL): 39" x 80"

Full Size Mattress: 53" x 75"

RV Full Size Mattress Dimensions: 54" x 75"

Full Long Size: (Full XL Mattress): 54" x 80"

Three Quarter (3/4 size mattress): 48" x 75"

Standard Queen Size: 60" x 80"

RV Queen Mattress: 60" x 74"

Short Queen Size: 60" x 75"

Olympic Queen Size: 66" x 80"

RV King Short Size: 72" x 75"

RV King Size: 72" x 80"

King Size: 76" x 80"

California King Size : 72" x 84"

A Description of the Most Common Mattress Size Options:

Twin Mattress Size: is designed for a single small child or adult. It's commonly used for bunk beds, hi-risers, day beds, or in it's mattress and boxsprings format, for a small guest room. This mattress size would be a good choice for a child, but once they grow out of it, it's going to cost you more to upgrade to a larger mattress size. Contrary to popular belief, pushing two twin mattress sizes together does not make a King size. To accomplish that goal, you would want to look at the next mattress size, the Twin XL.

RV Bunk Size Mattress: are between 6-11" shorter in width then a standard twin size. They're often 5"-8" in depth.

Twin XL Mattress Size: (extra long): most commonly ordered for dorm rooms, twin xl dimensions give a little extra length for those tall students. Two Twin XL's pushed together form a King mattress size. This is a good choice if your sleeping partner is restless and keeps you tossing and turning. If you order an electric adjustable base (which allows you to sit up or elevate your feet), you'll most likely need a Twin XL mattress size. This keeps your feet from dangling over the end of the mattress as you lift up the head portion of the bed to sit up.

Full Mattress Size: (it's nickname is double): For full bed dimensions, add an extra 15 inches in width when compared to the Twin mattress size. You could fit 2 people in a double, but it's a tight fit. A Full mattress size only gives each sleeping partner 27" (the same width as a crib size).

Full XL Mattress Size: the only difference between the Full mattress dimensions and the Full XL mattress size is the length. It adds and extra 5". This is a perfect choice for those people who don't have room for a queen. Just a side note, a Full XL mattress size is usually the same wholesale price as a queen as most manufactures have to stop their machines and retool them to make a Full XL mattress size. So expect to pay the same.

Three Quarter Mattress Size: the most common place to find 3/4 size mattresses would be at estate auctions, RVs, and road shows. It's known as the antique bed mattress size. Most of the major manufacturers do not make this mattress size. A three quarter size mattress is 6" shorter in width then the dimensions of a full bed.

Queen Mattress Size: the most popular mattress size, queen size is usually selected for two adults. The queen mattress size adds 6 inches to the width in comparison to the dimensions of a full size bed and another 5 inches in the length.

RV Queen Size: popular size found in campers and travel trailers. It's 6" shorter than a standard queen size.

Short Queen Mattress: is also a popular size found in RV's and some antique beds. Measuring 60" x 75", it's 1" shorter than an RV Queen.  RV

Olympic Queen: was a size developed by Simmons Beautyrest back in the early 2000's and it measures 6" wider than a queen. They discontinued this size after about 2 years of production.

RV King Short: a few motorhomes, travel trailers, and fifth wheels have slide outs in the bedrooms requiring the mattress to be 5" shorter than an RV King.

RV King Size: this is a common size found in motor homes. The RV King Mattress size is 4" smaller in width then a standard Easter King. Side tables usually flank each side of the bed and because RV bedrooms tend to be a little narrow, a few inches need to be shaved off the mattress.

Eastern King Mattress Size: If you have the space in your room, this is the ideal mattress size. Most likely, your not going to be bumping in to your sleep partner in the night. Although it's the same length, this mattress size adds 16" in width compared to the queen.

California King Mattress Size: Most commonly found on the west coast (California, Arizona, Nevada, etc), this is the ideal mattress size if your very tall (like an NBA or NFL player!).

Don't see your size listed? We can also do custom size mattress options upon request. For a comprehensive list of RV mattress sizes, check out our Ultimate Guide to Buying an RV Mattress Replacement.
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