Cheap RV Mattress

Cheap RV MattressCheap RV Mattress

How to Find a Cheap RV Mattress

Foam is the Cheapest.  Consider purchasing an all foam rv mattress if you're looking for a cheap replacement.  Although there are many affordable memory foam rv mattress options available, going with an all polyurethane foam option is usually going to be the cheapest.

Ask for the Density of the Foam.
  It's important to note that there are all different grades of foam and not all are the same quality.  Generally, the lower the density, the cheaper the foam.  To ensure that you're still going to have adequate support, aim for a foam density between 1.5lbs to 1.8 lbs. 

Stick With Made in the USA.
  Although going with an imported mattress will probably be the cheapest option available, more than likely you're going to have issues with defects.  Imported mattresses are generally sitting in a warehouse compressed and rolled for long periods of time because they don't move off the shelf quickly (from several months to several years).  This is due to the fact that you generally have to buy hundreds of mattresses at a time to justify the high shipping costs of transporting by ocean freight container.

Buy a Compressed and Rolled Mattress.  You don't necessarily need to buy a cheap rv mattress to save money.  Buy a mattress that is compressed and rolled up like a piece of carpet and shipped UPS/Fedex is obviously going to be cheaper than buy an rv mattress that has to be shipped flat packed and delivered by truck.

Whether you're looking for a cheap rv mattress, a cheap travel trailer mattress, a cheap fifth wheel mattress, a cheap truck mattress, or even a cheap motorhome mattress, can accommodate any budget.  Call us today for pricing at 1-888-488-1468!

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