Road Trip Songs for Kids of All Sizes

Singing can be a great way to keep kids entertained on a long car ride. Not only will they enjoy learning and singing new songs, the music can also help strengthen a family’s bond by sharing a creative experience. Lyrics can also help children learn in a variety of ways. Rhymes can help kids memorize otherwise difficult to remember facts and numbers. Clapping or dancing while singing aids in improving motor functions.

Children learn speech and language in a similar way to learning music. Practicing music helps improves speech and language skills, as well as reading skills. Music aids in developing listening skills, which can help children later in the classroom.

Music can also have a relaxing effect on children in times of stress. Creativity in singing and song-writing helps children express their emotions. The following songs were compiled for children to sing during road trips or anytime they want to sing, learn, or pass the time.

Neuroscience for Kids – Brain Songs – Song lyrics about the brain and neuroscience sung to common tunes.

NRCS Soil Songs – Soil science songs for kids written by soil science professor, Dr. Hole, of the Natural Resources Conservation Service.

CARES Songs – The CARES (Communities Actively Researching Exposure Study) songs about saving the planet, going green, and helping the environment.

Camp Songs and Chords – A great list of camp songs with chords so those who know guitar can play along while the other kids sing. This list is compiled by Professor Smith of Graceland University.

Teaching French with Songs – Kids can learn French in a fun way by using these links to sing some French learning songs.

Songs 4 Children – Contains lyrics to some classic kids’ songs like “Wheels on the Bus” and “The Hokey Pokey,” and also a few lesser known songs.

Multiplication Rock – Kids can sing their multiplication times tables, which makes memorization fun and easy.

April Fool Song – Lyrics and music for the April Fool’s Day song.

My Plate Kids’ Place Videos and Songs – Videos and songs to help children learn more about healthy eating.

Songs for Kids – A huge collection of songs on all topics. Kids can choose from patriotic songs, holiday songs, movie songs, songs from musicals, and many more.

Happy Hand Washing Song – The Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s hand washing song podcast can help kids learn how to be healthier by making sure to wash their hands properly.

Rocket Rhymes and Songs – Rocket song lyrics by NASA.

Barney and Friends Music – Music and lyrics to songs sung by Barney and Friends.

100 Sing-along Songs – A list of 100 traditional songs that can be easily streamed online for sing-along time.

Children’s Clapping Songs – Clapping to songs can help improve motor skills, and it’s fun for kids.

94 Children’s Songs – Ninety-four unique songs sung by animated characters, Boowa and Kwala.

Camp Songs – Lyrics and chords to the most popular songs to sing while camping.

MacScouter’s Songs for Scouts and Scouters – Scouts is a great time to encourage musical experiences. This is a large list of different scouting songs, from action songs to silly songs and patriotic songs.

Free Educational Songs – The Kids-Know-It Network’s

Holiday Songs – A collection of winter holiday song lyrics and music files for download.

Story time Songs – A listing of songs that tell a story. The listing contains lyrics, guitar chords, and even the audio music for select songs.

Children’s Songs About Everyday Routines – Songs about school, clean-up, starting the day, and other everyday tasks.

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